Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you are reading this, I have successfully made my first post from my phone....and I-85 south of Charlotte.

To commemorate the event, some groundbreaking news for you: gayturds eat boogers and HillBillys have tooth.

Not sure if there'll be any meatloaf tomorrow. We're due in pretty late after a LONG day on the road. That and it is our anniversary.

At any rate, chin up Reader. Stillwater's so close you can almost smell the cow$&@!.


Mackie said...

Just letting you know, people won't take you seriously until you can string together a 700 word post using a multi-tap keypad.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, especially to your Saint of a wife.

Bernie said...

700 words....didn't know there were that many.

And the wife is so thrilled to have survived 12 years with me...she's leaving this weekend on a girls trip.

What a saint...