Friday, July 3, 2009

Jefferson Once Stumbled Down the Tracks...

...but he was a big machine in red, white and blue.

Before the Great Hale left on his next vacation (hey!...before he left he had worked a full 2.5 days) he gave us a look at Rantavious Wooten's
progress this summer. As I've said before, this is the guy I'm most anxious to see out of the '09 class.

I was especially glad to hear Michael Moore's evaluation of Wooten's route running. His frame's not gonna help him separate from defenders, so he'll have to count on sharp, crisp routes to create space. Says Moore:

Wooten's going to be a playmaker....He's fast, he's quick, he can catch the ball. He runs some of the best routes out here already as a young guy.

But it's the idea of this Dawg in the backfield that has me intrigued. I think it was PWD who once described him as "a street legal Percy Harvin." His quickness and versatility will create
problems aplenty.

If you haven't seen his moves, I'll give you another opportunity HERE to click. And my guess is the next time you see him will be on the field this red and black.

Friday Feedbag
  • Big shout-out to Nama for greasing the palms of the BDB Finance department. First beer in StillH2O is on me...hope they have NattyIce.
  • He might type sans pants, but he also hit a milestone before BDB. Mackie blew out some candles in a style all his own...
  • Been a LOT of recruiting news lately...this week was the commitment of Ken Malcome of SW Dekalb. I like the perspective Stuff of Legend takes with this guy. Very realistic and cuts through the fluff...
  • Senator Blutarsky takes on Sen. Orrin Hatch. One's right on point and one's preoccupied with spoon feeding delegates and having his name on print. If you can't tell the difference...well, this blawg's not for you. (If that's not enough to make you click over, Dog in Fla chimes in....)
  • Rex Robinson looks back reminiscently at "the tracks."
  • Countdown Watch: Streit keeps it short and sweet with #66, but hits the nail on the head. For today's count, check the blog roll to the right. And if you've never digested The Story of The Purloined Pig, do yourself a favor.

By one o'clock yesterday the excitement was at a fever-pitch. You could cut the tension with a chainsaw. Thursdays are Trivial debuted and turned the twittersphere on its ear.

The question was and the gauntlet was thrown down. At first he was afraid, he was petrified...but @BPMackie consulted the database in his well sauced brain and successfully transmitted the scores and years from both contests between Georgia and Michigan.

And that is why he is here right now with a mostly empty, slightly rusted wheelbarrow, ready to claim 200 lbs of homemade fireworks as his fabulous prize*. If you live next to this guy you may wanna make sure you're out of town this weekend.

@AlanAshley chimed in to add that both contests were in Ann Arbor due to the fact that carpetbaggers were not allowed to cross the Mason Dixon line until 1972. He takes away a Bic ball point pen used to write the Declaration of Independence. I stole it from Jefferson a few years back when he had too much tailgate before the AwwBarn game.

Have a great Fourth Reader! If your boss didn't give you the extra day, tell him I said you're good, and I am no one to be truffled with. Or something like that.


*fabulous prizes are fabulous in the eyes of the beholder, or in this case the blawgger. BDB not responsible for any bodily harm or property damages incurred during the enjoyment of said prizes.