Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Media Days' Hangover

Just six weeks we should be fully recovered from bringing Stillwater to its knees and ready to eat some home cooked chicken.

After hearing since January about the awesomeness of our leadership, it was nice to see/hear our captains treat Media Days like a freshman level seminar class. I certainly rest assured that the team is in good hands.

I was especially glad to hear Cox give some props to Mike Moore. With some incoming freshmen stealing headlines from the wideout and tight end position, the fifth year senior out of Fort Lauderdale has been all but overlooked. Had he not had a career high game in Orlando against the Spartans he may have been forgotten.

But looking back, Moore has made some clutch catches and according to Cox has taken the receiving core under his wing. Earning the Coffee County Hustle Award at the end of spring shows he's leading by example.

Good news for Dawg fans. Better news for Cox. If you missed hearing Cox and Owens, here they are with 680TheFan's Chuck and Chernoff.

Today's Ingredients
  • A pin dropped and interrupted John Swofford's opening speech in Greensboro. Once civility was restored, the ACC Kickoff2009 didn't miss a beat on its opening day.
  • Back in the college ranks, there are lots of SEC Media Days wrapups. ESPNs Forde pulls the hangin chad off the week's top topic.
  • MikeInValdosta adds his own twist of lime.
  • Rex says hate the sin, not the sinner.
  • Cousin Walter not only has Football on the Brain, he also points out that the Ol' Ball Coach has obviously had a lobotomy.
  • And BDBs own Willard waxed poetic with another Dunce in the Confederacy, Laney.
  • Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Well, at Get the Picture we can only hope this is just the beginning. Congrats Senator!
  • Countdowns - Streit over at Bubba N Earl used the number 41 to pay tribute to Herschel yesterday while Legend found a Tony Gilbert gem for number 42 Saturday.
  • Speaking of #34 DawgSports remembers when he got jobbed, by George!
  • And Jennifer Iannone of the ABH caught up with Courtney Kupets, who ran into a familiar face last week at the ESPY Awards. I wonder who can leap the highest?

With over a hundred media credentialed, I suspect things are gonna get crazy in Greensboro. Stay tuned this week when Ralph Friedgen wrestles Frank Beamer for the last biscuit on the breakfast buffet.

Back in the heart of Dixie, we'll wait a few days for practices to begin. So on Saturday morning as you awake to what may seem to be just another weekend...take a moment to step outside, and listen. If the sound of whistles greets your ears, smile. If the din of well run drills almost makes you cover them, smile a little wider.

Stick a fork in it Reader. Call it a lunch. It could make for a happier Monday.


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