Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Road Rage on Peachtree

My legs are so sore, it's a good thing I don't use them to type. But I'm glad I was as far back from Ethiopia's Tadese Tola as possible. That dude really wanted the fourth place finish on the Fourth; willing to elbow Kenyan Boaz Cheboiywo in order to get it.

Sure...I got a couple chicken wings from an old lady at the third water station and was tripped by a pre-teen racer dead set on a blast from a Buckhead denizen's hose. But that all comes with the territory when you're seeded with the 9's.

It's a free-for-all back there with Howard's Heroes. Some other thoughts:
  • Reading from the pre-race instruction booklet..."walkers and slower runners stay to the right". Hmmmm...that would be convenient, seeing as I left my steering wheel in the car!! If you're a South Carolina graduate and couldn't read the instructions...well, bless your heart.
  • To all you spin doctors who were out on the sidewalks pumping out your hip and your hop at ridiculous thanks sir. I only remove the ear buds for live music. Big H/T to Strato Geezer, Lawmen and the other bands for smokin' the frets old school.
  • Big shout-out to St. Phillip's for the HolyWater. As refreshing as a foot bath from Jesus himself!
  • I'm not sure what FurBus is, but seeing grown and very hairy men run around in banana hammocks is enough to make me run a little faster. Thanks!
  • Darren the Intern...the playlist you created was perfect. Every song provided the right pace for my Nike's to follow. It's that type of attention to detail that will take you far in this company son.
  • Thanks to Heath and Coca-Cola for the sponsorship. I had no problem yelling PEPSI SUCKS!! at the top of my lungs every half-mile. And I promise not to drink a Mountain Dew for at least another week.
  • For those servicemen and women I didn't thank personally Saturday, your dedication is our inspiration. Thank you!
  • And at the finish line, why not meet tired, thirsty runners with bottled water that has been cozy with some ICE...and not just sitting on a truck for three days and then baking in the sun for three hours?
Just sayin...

Ladies and Gentlemen...your ingredients:
  • Roughing the Kicker has a great post in the wake of an epic Wimbledon battle. Rex is right, as a fan it's a joy to see the raw emotion come out when the championship trophy goes from within grasp to tightly clutched. Then he weighs in on the Sam Keller case. I knew Jacko had done some skin lightening...not sure how I feel about a former Dawg kicker doing that though...??
  • Lock the liquor cabinet and hide the beer, MikeInValdosta is failing laptop sobriety tests now over at Dawg Bloggin Under the Influence. He's also waging war on the color orange.
  • Since Mike mentioned Charley Trippi ( didn't read it? I don't create these links for improved cardio health you know?), head on over to Bubba n' Earl's where they're at 62.
  • Over at Hey Jenny Slater, Doug was celebrating the Fourth bikini style.....that shouldn't dissuade you from following the link. It's not a picture of him...
  • If you woke up yesterday tired of fireworks, but hungry for some interesting questions related to the upcoming season...our distinguished Senator had ya covered.

Gonna be some lighter than normal posting this week. Tryna work a little before we head up to InLawVille. I guess I'll get a first hand taste of what it's like to be Exhile for a while. Gonna try to get a mid-week discussion topic post up. And of course, there will be this week's episode of Thursdays are Trivial...the event that is sweeping the nation, but ignoring the garage.

Remember you'll need to be an @BernieDawg follower on Twitter to play. If you're an evolutionary reject struggling in the techno world, I provided a BDB version of Twitter for HillBillies this weekend.

If it can bring Bernie a little closer to an AJC columnist, it can't be all bad. Give it a whirl. Then you better get to researching. This week...the training wheels are off.

Mix em up well Reader. Let them get to know each other and then bake at 400 for just under an hour. But beware of psychotic Ethiopians throwin' elbows at the lunch table.