Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Much More than a Namesake

Given the injury to Tanner Strickland, it's a good time to take a look at one of the heralded offensive line signees from the '09 class. We share little more than a name, but true freshman Chris Burnette is one freshman I will definitely be looking out for come the cooler temps of fall.

Out of Troup Co., Burnette has the skills and the smarts to crack into Searels rotation early. And we all can agree after last season's injury riddled line survived the 13 game schedule one snap at a time, that depth is so very important.

So here's some video of Troup County's most recent salutatorian...and Searels newest stud.

Talking about his decision to go to Athens -

Another focus feature...but with some dazzling special effects -

Here's what some recruiting sites had to say about Burnette. TotalUGA Scout Rivals

Lastly, Hale's Get to Know piece.


Beave said...

I am really excited for this guy to make his mark in the upcoming years. How often do you hear college athletes talk about how they plan on playing in the NFL one day and state how fully committed they are to their schools?

Bernie said...

Yes, it is refreshing to hear an AMATEUR athlete talk about academics. I think Burnette's chances at playing time this fall are pretty long....but he's a great addition nonetheless.