Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nightmare Walking, Psychopath Talking

I may have proved my academic worth at Cedar Shoals....and my tolerance of 100 proof grains at UGA. But much of the valuable crap I learned came from the inner confines of the Classic Triple. The little three-screen wonder nestled a quarter block west of the Georgia Theater is now a parking lot. But during my high school and part of my college years it was where I picked up important addictions to popped kernels and well brixed Coca-Cola.

It's where I would see Kenny Rogers about five times a year, first saw Kim Basinger before she ran Braselton in near ruins...and where I once watched in wonder as both ClemPson and Georgia's football teams come to the same Friday night movie at the same time. Dooley didn't chaperone.

Probably was a good thing he didn't.

We once ran Dirty Dancing for 16 straight weeks. I heard Swayze threaten those who put Baby in a corner so often I almost quit. But we also ran Coming to America...Planes, Trains and Automobiles....not to mention the front row seat of all those drunk college students urinating on the back wall of the Georgia Theater.

But yesterday I was reminded of another film that graced the Triple's silver screen - Colors. Most of you (who are old enough) probably remember the spit flying from Danny's mouth under the glow of the helicopter spotlight just after Hodges' body went lifeless.

But one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history came earlier in the movie when a little known Damon Wayans had a romantic scene with his rabbit... (warning - the following video contains some language that, although slurred and almost incomprehensible, may offend those in cubicles nearby. Please use caution and adjust sound settings to a level that all can - CRANK IT UP!!)

As they say in Twitterland...ROTFLMAO!! You can't take the T-Bone away...

Suddenly I smell the intoxicating aroma of heated peanut oil and freshly opened JuJyFruits. Have a great Sunday Reader. Come back for lunch tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Loved the Triple. I remember seeing Colors there, strangely enough. Bad date, gone worse.

Bernie said...

Ah, the classic Bloods/Crips star-crossed lovers, impossible affair. Guess she wuz just a Crip, homes. Cuz I know you wore red.

And I'm sure it had nothing to do with the popcorn I served you.

MikeInValdosta said...

Saw many a movie there. All the big names were screening at the mall, but there were some great one's there. Pretty sure that is where I saw Good Fellas for the first time. Full Metal Jacket was another. Was it 1988 or 89 they closed it?

Bernie said...

When we had Raw, Nuts and Batteries Not Included it made for some really creative ticket window experiences.

No, it survived into the '90s. It closed either just before or right after the Beechwood cinemas opened. The mall got the bigger pictures usually, although once United Artists bought it out from Georgia Theater Co we got some good ones. But we always had the older seats with more cushion...and they rocked.

Literally and all.

Gameday Housing said...

Amazing. The colors reference is priceless. God bless youtube.

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