Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recruiting Gets HOT

Carver Columbus coach Dell McGee has his WonderWoman underoos in a wad. Seems CMR and staff rescinded an offer to his QB because the cupboards are near full up. Exhile has some excellent posts up on the Carver Crapfest. I'm not real sure why we were offering a 3 star QB for the limited access class of ' know, when Murray and Mettenberger are sure to battle Gray when the Cox Era comes to a close.

But I guess Bobo had his reasons.

But today the sun rose up again and
news has spread (sub required) that TJ Stripling has become the Dawgs 18th commit, third in four days. Sounds like another great day to be a Dawg!!


MikeInValdosta said...

Bernie is Jamie Newberg ;-)

nice job!

Bernie said...

Mr. Newberg stores all of his info in his cranium. I beg, buy and steal. But I bet I can bark louder.