Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Red-Shirt vs. Murray & Mett

The other day dean raised the question in a comment on my post about the true freshmen and possible playing time. Coach Richt plans to kick some freshmen onto the field this fall. Incoming QBs Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger seem to be left on the sideline as a (future) afterthought.

Or are they?

My statement at the end of the post was a plea for signal caller health. But dean's point raises some interesting possibilities. Obviously if depth becomes a question for our QBs, Murray or Mett will be needed.

However, if that disastrous scenario doesn't rear it's ugly head...what becomes of the newbies? Would you rather both red-shirt? Should one see some mop-up duty against TennTech, maybe others? If so, who do you see earning it?

Mettenberger has the rocket arm and towers over the line of scrimmage. Murray has the sterling HS resume' and can evade blitzing LBs. Since they're roommates, maybe whoever forgets to take the empty pizza boxes to the trashcan keeps the redshirt.

Whatever is decided, I'm sure CMR and Bobo only use who is ready. So I say....Keep studying boys!


Scott said...

Just based on my limited knowledge (what I've seen on recruiting films, G-Day performance, and little nuggets from the coaching staff), I think the redshirt year will serve Mettenberger better, as he seems to be a bit more raw than Murray. Also, the team Mett played on in high school was awful, and the competition was at a pretty low level as well, so he may need some more time to get used to playing with the big boys.

I think that even if we don't have any injuries to Joe or Logan, we have to try to get Aaron on the field if at all possible...otherwise we go into next year with a #2 QB with absolutely ZERO playing experience. Not that mop-up duty against Tennessee Tech is enough to prepare you to play in the SEC, but at least it would be SOMETHING.

MikeInValdosta said...

After much deliberation, I vote for AJ Green in the WildDawg!