Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Headers

Evidently some people in the Richmond suburbs don't think too much of protecting their wireless signals. So I'm sneaking in another post. Also hope to have a Monday Margarita shaken in a couple days, but will have to wait and see how the Wi-Fi goes down in the Outer Banks...

So far, it's really tough living like Exhile. I'm not half the blawgger he is as it has become quite evident I'm not cut out for any posting north of Lake Hartwell. But I can give ya some quick links of interest.
  • When Rex says rock the vote, you better rock it hard Dawg fans.
  • Senator is not only pissed over some lists, but makes a reference to my all-time favorite movie. Inconceivable!
  • Macon's Tyler Estep has a good piece on the Dawg fullbacks.
  • TotalUGA has some info on next Saturday's Countdown to kickoff.
  • Mackie questions the manhood of of Coach Gundy. I guess when Gundy asked to be written about, Ol' Pantsless obliges.
  • Cousin Walter explores one of my favorite topics...Slurban gettin' the hell out!
  • Daugman has an update on USA basketball...and Mr. Tompkins.
  • And lastly, those of you who suffer through Atlanta gridlock have no doubt experienced road rage quite often. I contend it's much less hazardous to your handicap than fairway rage.
Guess that guy won't be in my foursome next week...or anytime soon for that matter. Good or somewhere south of it...make it a weekend Reader.


Scott said...

Stop that rhyming, I mean it!!

Bernie said...

Anybody want a peanut?

(+10 for Scott)