Friday, July 17, 2009

Stress Tests and Rehearsals...'s enough to make a Georgia boy wanna drink.

Played golf with Uncle Bucks and Cousin Colin. I figured as the in-law, I was being pretty hospitable. By the 10th hole birdie putts had been overshadowed by chest pains and all of a sudden Uncle Bucks is simply driving the cart...not driving the fairways.

But any worry was summarily subdued. The Outer Banks stress test was passed with flying colors and Bucks was smokin' stogies and draining cheap beer as fast as a HillBilly could stammer the words - EKG.

Now Bernie just has to hope his girls perform as well as Bucks during Cousin Wes' nuptial ceremony. Jenn and I have bribed them with their own Coca-Cola at the reception should every flower petal find its correct place on chapel floor.

If least the bar should be stocked with enough Beam to call it even.

Friday Feedbag
  • TeamSpeedKills labels LSwhos trip to Athens as a possible loss....for the Hat. Hmmm...2004 comes to mind. Suck it Saban!!
  • Meanwhile, Mackie doesn't have the Dawgs going undefeated, but at least he has us beating those overall'd nitwits. Of course it always helps when they exhaust their fingers as tools for keeping score and are forced to use feet digits.
  • Tim Tebow completing a pass to AJ Green is about enough to make one spew a pair of jorts...but Hale provides us with all the pre-season SEC selections. Jeff Owens as a third-teamer sounds like bulletin board material to this blawgger....just sayin'.
  • Maybe the fact that UGAs lacrosse team has NEVER committed any crimes would weigh in favor for this kid comoing to Athens.
  • Exhile's in rehab evidently. And after a week of doing this %$#@ on the road I can honestly say I don't blame the bastard. But still not sure what he means by Grand Tetons.
  • PWD rounds up the news that FoxSportsSouth will air some tackle football under the lights. As KY_Dawg means some of us will need to change some carrier subscriptions. Damnitalltohell!
  • Senator Blutarksy has what has to be one of the only ways to reference the best phone call scene from Seinfeld to college football. If you too laugh your rear end're on your own.
  • If you've ever uttered the phrase "trailer park style"...this post at Dawg Bloggin' Under the Influence will ring true to heart.
The third episode of Thursdays R Trivial was about as anti-climatic as the birdie putt I missed on #15 yesterday. Still, @MikeInValdosta escaped with the win by (unsurprisingly) knowing that Brew Thru was the franchise best known on the Outer Banks for their libations on location.

For his trouble, Mike takes home three and a half kegs of Keystone Light while @alanashley pockets a consolation prize for knowing that the beer store chain has sold millions of t-shirts since the mid-70s. Enjoy the swizzle sticks Alan. There's a difference between slightly used and experienced.

And please pray for me Reader. After partying hard with Wes and Allison in the wake of their nuptials this weekend, I have agreed to celebrate my 12th anniversary by driving 12 hours home Sunday. I suggested to Jenn that this is not what the preacher meant when he said "honor and obey"....she sharply reminded me that we (conveniently) left that traditional phrase out of the ceremony.

Crapnockers! Well, I trust you will honor your weekend Reader. Enjoy it as if it obeyed your every whim. Just remember that mine will be partially comprised of an open bar.




Mackie said...

1st year - Paper
2nd year - Cotton
12th year - Vacuum Cleaner?

Congratulations, you old fart.

Bernie said...

Paper..cotton...hoover...Mrs. Mackie's not gonna let you anywhere near 12 years.