Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday Headers

Some Dawg bites to add to your bowl this afternoon:
  • Kickoff for the WLOCP is now official.
  • Tompkins is kicking some international butt.
  • Today's biggest headline from @MikeInValdosta via Chevy Chase: Jacko's still dead.
  • PWD has some football headlines. In the comments section though, some bad news. Fair warning.
  • In the Senator's office, the BCS debate rages on. Mike weighs in here.
  • As news broke of Frank Ros being honored with the Bill Hartman award, Exhile wondered who had won it the past five years. I'll try to research it and add it as an update later.
  • While Hale sleeps one off, he has a couple video blogs up: Israel Troupe Joe Cox
  • And in the wake of Andy Roddick's near perfect performance during the Wimbledon fortnight, Dan Magill looks back on what might have been for Diaz's netters.


MikeInValdosta said...

"Kickoff for the WLOCP is now official."

So let's start drinking!

wsmitheGH said...

Go Dawgs!

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