Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coaching Continuity, a dichotomy

Picture two college football programs facing each other at opposite ends of a spectrum. One program the very definition of class, success the hard way and well-dressed fans.

The other resides in gayturdsville.

Of course, the differences don’t stop there. In fact TeamSpeedKills looks in depth at the coaching changes for floriDuh. Many categorize Slurban’s offense as a machine that can replace a few parts and still generate yards, points…girlish histrionics from a freakishly divine QB.

The biggest question mark is how Addazio (new OC and play-caller) will do in

his dual roles now. It took half a season before last year's offensive line to gel, and that was with both him and Hevesy (the assistant O-line coach) working on

it. Will this year's line take as long come together now that Addazio is juggling both being the only offensive line coach and offensive coordinator?

Back in December, we waited on word from Stafford and Moreno re: their futures. But in truth, we worried about the decisions of Garner and Searels more as they were courted. In the end, both chose the security of Coach Richt’s staff. And despite some tweeks and title changes, the Dawg staff is the same.

Stafford left. Timmy the Tool stayed. Moreno hurdled the hedges. Spikes pissed his jorts thinking about being an NFL rookie.

Sure Percy Harvey is now smokin’ Viking-sized joints instead of amateur mary-jane. But overall, the Dawgs took the bigger personnel hit with early departures; especially when you factor in Asher.

So which is the bigger issue? Coaches getting used to new roles with players who are used to a different position coach, play-caller….OR, new starters who’ve been coached by the same coaches during their collegiate tenure…?

There is the matter of play calling too. The offensive game planning has been a team effort among all of the offensive assistants under Meyer, with the head coach interjecting too. That much hasn't changed, though Loeffler (new QB coach, from winless Detroit Lions) brings a distinctly new and different voice that will need to be assimilated wisely into the system. Addazio will have the role of choosing what to do when, something he's done in just one season prior, and there's no doubt there will be some learning curve to it.

Good thing the reptiles only have to slither through Charleston Southern and Troy before they enter SEC play. You can bet if his offense doesn’t put up more than a hundred by the end of the second Saturday, Slurban’s not gonna wait for Shane Matthews to clear his throat.

Corch may just steal a play from his Heisman winner and…snip, snip!


MikeInValdosta said...

In two years, Corch and Mullen can reunite. In South Bend

Anonymous said...

Mullen will be too busy showing Houston Nutt how to hold the Egg Bowl properly in two years to go up North.

AuditDawg said...

@Bulldog in Exile - I can't wait to see the shock of the Ole Miss faithful when "giggity ball" takes full effect. Sure, you'll upset a Florida or Georgia every year, but then you'll lose a couple to the likes of Vandy and Miss State. It's Houston Nutt-ball, baby!

Anonymous said...

LOL at Giggty Ball. Solid.