Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dabo WINS!!!

New Clempson coach Dabo "Sweaty" Swinney has won his first contest, despite some cheap shots below the waist. I guess this is the type of stuff that happens when Alabama is actually behaving...

“The NCAA gave further review to this situation and informed us this afternoon that

we can have the full compliment of practices during the preseason,” Clemson Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips said Monday afternoon. “We are pleased with this decision.”

Let's back up to catch up. The NCAA had previously ruled that the Tigers tighty whities (with the urranjah paws on the seat of course) were not in compliance, and...all together ugly. As a consequence for wearing Athletically Challenged and Constricting underwear, Clempson was docked two practices.

It was a move so shocking that you could hear John Deere's all over Pickens Co. rev to life.

In the end, cooler and more fashionable heads prevailed. The NCAA must've realized that Reggie Bush and USC's image was being harmed in some way. But I bet Dabo regrets referring to the whole mess as Girdle Gate.

Girdle Gate. Really?

What a froot of the loom. Go touch that rock Dabo!

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