Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Erin Andrews Gets Dirty

Wasn't it GQ that had that Jennifer Aniston feature recently? Nice article.

How long ago was it Erin Andrews was being accosted by both hidden camera and paparazzi? College Football's Sideline Sweetheart is now being featured in a really dirty photo shoot for Gentleman's Quarterly.

Obviously the shoot took place before the peephole hullabaloo. And obviously it's been on the calendar for an August release. But I bet the lady with the mic would love nothing more than to stay outta the limelight right up to Labor Day weekend.

Well, evidently the editor for GQ is not a gayturd.

So much for that quiet August.

Timing wise, this is most inopportune for ESPNs darling. But football sells. Especially in August. And I bet Ms. Andrews' pictures sell pretty well too. So the magazine is striking while the tabloids are hot.

But to be honest I can't stand GQ and hope the entire circulation ends up on North Avenue where those engineers could use the September edition as door stops...or stacked together as booster seats...or as research materials for the Sci-Fi Club, who's quest it is to discover what life is like on Planet Earth.


Anonymous said...

I guess it has ocurred to no one that the hotel video was a plant to launch Erin's career into hyper drive.

Was this photo shoot really that poorly timed, or was it actually perfect?

Bernie said...

Anon - a fine point I'm ashamed to have overlooked. Conspiracy and gayturds are comfortable bed fellows.

MikeInValdosta said...

My ole accounting prof would say she has some serious equity.

For the yechsters: e = a - l

dean said...

Not to be a perv but.... DAMN!!!
Crying shame she's a gator.