Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi-Jacking Butts-Mehre

I was enjoying another great day as a blogger and celebrating with some adult beverages. I began surfing for some Dawg news and happened upon the best source of info early.

The news wasn't good. Don't worry, Cox is still upright and Curran is still Crank'd up. The Great Hale simply explained that the SEC would now micro-manage any journalism that eased outta the doors of Butts-Mehre.

Sure it starts with video, but it won't end there. Hale put it best:

...but I'm guessing after your favorite team gets spanked by a rival, you're not looking for the watered-down version of what happened. Perhaps you really don't care where the information is coming from, but my guess is that you value quality journalism a lot more than they give you credit for. Maybe you go to one place and one place only for your news. But I'd

be willing to bet the majority of you have gotten used to being able to surf a few dozen sites to get a broad view of Georgia football.

Think back to that Sunday after we got our teeth kick'd in by Saban's pachyderms. As we all tuned in to the Mark Richt Show a cheerier disposition emerged. Sure, the tone was solemn with the right amount of dogged determination mixed in.

But do we really want Dowdle updating the lone official Georgia Blog? UGA Athletics and Slive would love nothing more. And the Mutha would just keep writing the checks.

I guess this is what happens when Corso and Slive have offspring.


Alan Ashley said...

Since you are not "official" media, guess you better figure a way to sneak in a video camera.

Mackie said...

There is a capture software I use called "Dazzle" it's available for $75. That's what I used all last season to record games off my dvr and edit them down to add the music of my choice.

I think the best option for bloggers would be to create your videos and NOT TAG ANYTHING RELATING TO THE MUSIC AND/OR THE FOOTBALL GAME (i.e. UGA and Okie State vid would be searched under "Dinner with Grandma" or something like that".

That way the media nazis can't search it out unless they are avid readers of your blog...just my 2 cents.

Bernie said...

Videos are one thing. But this'll definitely lead to micro-managed information literally trickling out of SEC programs. Which means not only no more video interviews on some pay sites and places like Hale's blog, but also being subjected to media outlets who have no competition. I've been watching some beat writers try to keep up with Hale for a while now and it only creates better, more accurate information.

Now we'll only know what Big Brother Slive and Butts-Mehre wants us to know. I'm sure they'll argue that it's protecting their product from rumor-mongering and uncomfortable reports. But to the real fan that likes and has grown accustomed to facts and filtering out the nonsense...this is bad.