Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Humpday Headers

I was scrolling through this piece at CollegeFootballNews which looks at the Top 30 questions this season for college football. Of course I wanted to see if CMRs squad had even garnered a mention. As I sifted through the Is Bowden done? and Is Bama still cheating? questions...there we were at #15.

I'm sure we've all seen plenty of SEC previews that have floriDuh in BOLD with Georgia tucked conveniently just below the reptilian media darling. But it says a lot about just how far under the radar we are when the projected starting tailback isn't mentioned.

If he wasn't already, I'm sure Samuel is licking his chops to make a name for himself now.
Remember Reader...this will be your last weekend to complete that honey-do list. Use a sick day to get it done if you have to.

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