Saturday, August 29, 2009

King's Court Empty...??

Was listening to DawgCast last week and Ol' Dawg and Derek got into a brief, yet interesting discussion about our most experienced RB.

Caleb King was the prospect after his junior season at Parkview. After a very public switch to Greater Atlanta Christian before his senior season, he spent most of it on the sideline with a hip injury. Despite the eye-popping stats, Dawg fans were ecstatic when he chose Georgia over Florida, Tenn, USC, Notre Dame...among others.

Fast forward to two plus weeks ago and King was the RS Soph who was stepping up and seemed ready to fill his role on a team needing some able-bodied skill players. A few days later he came down with a bad hamstring.

Coach Richt initially said he'd be out at least seven days. It's been twice that and counting. In fact, Hale is now reporting that there is a chance King misses the trip to Stillwater.

Of course hamstring pulls can be especially bothersome and prone to linger. But what if King misses the trip? I can't help but wonder if that would spell the beginning of the end. It would be a long hard fall from grace for a kid who once was wondered aloud to possibly be the next Herschel. Maybe there are fans out there who can still see the potential brewing.

But going into his third season it's getting harder to be patient and natural to have doubts. Especially after this set back.

So...does King ever hold court 'tween the hedges? Does he throw his red and black jersey back into the TB by Committee?

After all, there could come a day when we really need him.


Anonymous said...

I think it wrong for Caleb not to be on the plane with the rest of the players, he deserves to be there, he is still a team player regardless of his injury. I think this is sending him a bad message

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the coaching staff may be trying to send CK a message - you better push it or you're not in our plans.

Brad said...

I remember the last "next Herschel", a young player by the name of Jasper Sanks. We all know how good he wasn't. Seems like that title can blow up a kid's head.
I hope he pans out but unless he cranks it out hard this week, I'd leave his butt in Athens too. No room for dead weight on the plane.

The Watch Dawg said...

Leaving him behind on the OK trip wouldn't be about sending a message, it would be about taking with enough players for depth. At home games, you don't have to worry about it, but you can't take the whole team with you when you travel, so the guys you do take, better be able to play.

MikeInValdosta said...

I get the feeling he would be a better player if he didn't have a cell phone. Sounds funny, and I do not know why I think that, but I think "outside influences" mess with his head.

That his hammy pulled right after RS has that big scrimmage is quite the coincidence.

I am still rooting for the kid, but he needs to accept competition and quit running to the sideline.

69Dawg said...

+1Mike. It seems that after KM established himself CK just quit trying to get better. After KM left CK trys to start to establish himself again but has wasted a lot of time whereas RS has taken advantage of his troubles and made himself better. Now CK is going into his shell again. At this rate I expect CK to transfer if he is not crowned king of the RB,s. He seems to lack the TEAM me mentality.

Bernie said...

Yeh, I'm with Ol' Dawg on episode 198...and like 69Dawg said - the coincidences add up to a lack of TEAM mentality. All of this AFTER he had been praised for his work at improving on picking up blitzes and blocking overall.

Ironic that if a transfer does happen, it could come after his THIRD season in Athens. Sounds like another coincidence...

Just Sayin'.