Friday, August 28, 2009

Lost in Translation

One of the nagging issues of being a hotshot blogger is dealing with spammers. I imagine the BIG DAWGS deal with this on a more consistent basis. Luckily my modest blawg with the occasional reader isn’t on the radar for most hot sexy fun singles looking for a good time.
So imagine my surprise when one of my posts kept getting hit with one of these…in Japanese.

After deleting it for the fifth time in four days I decided that I should at least try and decipher the m
essage that was so urgent for my reader. COPY, PASTE…SEND!
Yong is a big Korean sized Dawg fan out in Monterrey, CA. I knew he would help me because Fred and I once carried him from the parking lot to his bed when he was ….incapacitated late one evening.
I had made the assumption that I was attempting to read Korean, but it turned out to be Japanese. If I’ve denied you the opportunity to take advantage of this offer from Tokyo, I apologize. Or…as I say in Japanese – Domo Airee Got Toe Mr. Roboto.
And thanks for the offer to play Pebble Beach Yong. But I'll have to pass this time. If I take off this weekend for California AND next weekend for Stillwater...well, that's a Dawg House I don't wanna be in.

Friday's Feedbag
  • I took a sip of what Dawg Stephen was drinking and it tasted real good.
  • Exhile really has his finger on the pulse out west. First he was interviewed and now he has dug up some commentary on Stillwater's plans to roll out the welcome mat.
  • Bryce Brown Saga update: In the end the NCAA decided he can strap on his overalls.
  • Mark Bradley asks if Coach Willie is a good DC. BUI asks if he will wilt.
  • ESPNs Low has the SEC secondarys rank'd up. Personally I think his piece ranks worse. If it were a neighborhood pool, we'd be about ankle deep in the kiddie end.
  • Hale the Rockstar got a chance to dissect Rennie's words and it made him smile. I think I smiled wider when I read this: You can't be a leader without being a servant and being able to help your teammates and just really bring up the ability of the guys around you, raise that attitude and set the tempo."
  • Now if you're just reading that for the first time...I'm honored you got it here. But if you're a Dawg fan, get your priorities in line. It's one of Hale's best posts. And make sure you check today's Telegraph for the full story.
  • Speaking of a DamnGoodDawg, Owens has a new post. Now you can learn a little more about Ben Jones. And if you're not following 95 on Twitter, he's desperately trying to get more followers. Click over now and you could be his 1000th.
  • Rex has warmed up to Samuel.
  • And my SEC West preview is out. I like that I remained objective, despite the way my freelance journalist was treated at SEC Media Days.

In just eight weeks on the air, @BPMackie had tilted the playing field of ThursdaysRTrivial by taking home over a third of the hardware. No real surprise that it took a woman to put him back in his place.
Yesterday, @allyugadawg successfully tweeted that it was indeed a massage that @MikeMoore82 received at 8:40 am. The self-proclaimed Scott Norwood of Twitter @ClintThomason as well as another DawgLady @ugagirl88 also tweeted in.
And this week's prizes put the Fab in fabulous. When you all get to Stillwater, hail a cab (or a horse) to The Spur N Saddle Luxury Spa. Hopefully Sven and Helga are working next weekend. And tell 'em to send the bill to Bernie.
Well...Reader...knock out that honey-do list and lower the blade on that mower this weekend. It'll be mid-January before we get anything constructive know, other than barking! : )


MikeInValdosta said...

"Well...Reader...knock out that honey-do list and lower the blade on that mower this weekend. It'll be mid-January before we get anything constructive know, other than barking! : )"

Sage advice!

Fred said...

"Carried" is a strong word