Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Man, Yet Still a JackHole

Okie State Cowpoke Coach Gundy has decided that getting arrested for drugs does not warrant a suspension (h/t @allyugadawg). Not in the home opener against Georgia...or versus Houston, or Rice. And certainly not Grambling State.

Freshman RB Dexter Pratt and Sophomore TE Jamal Mosley were both arrested for possession of mary-jane back in June. Gundy has decided that the players are in good standing with the program.


He also says they will be limited to just two bowls of ice cream at dinner for the weeks leading up to the opener.

Egads! If you'd like to hear more from the Man at Big 12 Media Days....well, go 'head and get your StillH2O freak on - - -


Anonymous said...

Bernie, I heard that Spurrier plans on suspending two prominent members of the South Carolina defensive line but would not specify which games meaning they would also be available for the Georgia game. Classic Ball coach.

Bernie said...

Yeh Cousin. That's been his MO since he left Smartsville for gatorland hasn't it? To his credit though, I guess that puts him a half step above Coach Gumby, and DiddyFreeShoes...

MikeInValdosta said...

Hell, I hope they fire a few up right before the game starts, and a few more at halftime.

A win's a win, baby!