Friday, August 7, 2009

Megan Fox Spurns the Nerds...

With the wealth of depth and talent at DT this season, many wonder why his qualification was so important? Well, it's a great feeling not to have lost any signee to academic casualty.

And a blessing to have discovered Mr. Moody's disregard for behavior parameters before the vernal equinox.

If all goes well, Geathers will have an opportunity to redshirt and get a good grip on his academics while Owens, Atkins, Weston and Tyson hold down the trenches against the SEC this fall.

Then the 6'5" 320 Geathers will be primed to dominate men of lesser worth and heritage.

Friday Feedbag
  • Part of the most telling evidence that the team has undergone a subtle makeover with bold billboard painted results is the lack of Police Blotter ink around Butts-Mehre. Daugman updates his Ellen post, part deux. Battle Hymn Notes takes a look as well and finds just good Dawgs.
  • In Hale's Practice Notes we learned that Reshad Jones will be sidelined with a hammy for a few days. But it was good to hear Quinton Banks took his place in the rotation.
  • Dancing in the Endzone discovered that Tech players like Transformers. However, I guess Megan Fox was too busy to make the trip to Historic Grant Field. Fox is an apt name for the actress, but I always suspected she was also a Dawg.
  • The Senator handicaps the SEC West race to the ATL. After reading it, it looks like his coin has three sides.
  • Scout's Harbaugh and Mitchell hand out some superlatives. Interesting that Georgia makes so many of the Games to DVR, and yet also was labeled by one as most overrated.
  • Freshmen are getting plenty of ink lately. The Chapel Bell likes one particular quote from CMR. Can't say I blame him.
  • Dawg Bloggin' has some links from enemy territory as we try to keep up with the pokes.
  • Earlier this week it was reported that Gordon Beckham earned the the AL Rookie of the Month honors. TotalUGA has an in-depth update on some more former Diamond Dawgs.
  • Lastly, the man who scripted Christie Brinkley naked into a pool and had her ask Clark, "Well, are you gonna go for it?"...has died. RIP John Hughes. At least we can still Save Ferris!!

For the second week in a row, we had a photo finish to ThursdaysRTrivial. This week is even more muddled and has certainly made me rethink future phrasings to questions. I don't know how that Trebek guy does it day in, day out. Probably has a better intern than Darren.

Anyway, the answer was the renewed and refurbished DawgBone is Greg Blue's surfing stop of choice. And the obvious need for a judge left me scrambling for a full afternoon. @BPMackie suggested Paula Abdul, but he's also one of the potential winners having answered first. It stands to reason he may have bribed her with a handful of pills and a pitcher of cosmopolitans. Al Ford wouldn't answer his phone. Instead Donnan kept picking up and guaranDAMNteeing that @RexRobinson5 hadn't fumbled. But the famed Georgia placekicker also chimed in second...after kicking the whatchamacallit out of it in '78 and sending Munson into a frenzy in Lexington.

Last but not least, @MikeInValdosta mentioned the fact that Greg Blue crushes the soviet tank as if it were an AwwBarn receiver. Classic! So I'm gonna leave it up to you Reader. Since all three contestants are bloggers, I've got some especially fabulous prizes: three Webster's Dictionaries all autographed by yours truly.

I just need to know who should get the lone reference tool without the BBQ stain on page 255. So scroll back up to the poll and cast your vote. There's no ballot box stuffing and no hanging chads. Just a dose of democracy at its lowest and most impressionable.

Appreciate the help Reader. One more day of shells before two-a-days. And as usual....good or not, have a weekend!



Mackie said... I'm supposed to go vote-for-vote with Rex Robinson?

Jeez, Bernie.

MikeInValdosta said...

Damn, we wouldn't stand a chance against JT-III.