Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Margarita - Once Upon a Time...

...on the East Coast. Live from Hilton Head!!

And you know what that means, no meatloaf. Just margaritas for lunch today. I blew out my pop-top...stepped on a flip-flop. Weather's here, wish you were Michael Douglas' wife. Something like that, you get my drift.

On Friday I dreamt I played for Coach Erk and I GATA...until AJ stepped onto the gridiron. Today I thought I'd supplant myself in the offensive huddle, where I'd surely be a stud RB. I might not strike fear in the heart of Darth Visor like Robert Edwards. But I wouldn't get the late night munchies like Kirtsey...or Sanks.

However, a LB I'd never wanna greet as I cut through off tackle would be Rennie "Flomo" Curran. We all know why, but let's refresh our collective memory. Lots of impressive choices, but I like this just because it's fun to see #35 throw Colt Brennan out of bounds like a pre-teen pop princess.

The word BEAST seems fitting, but I have a feeling it's still selling him short. The former Brookwood Bronco RB turned LB is still taking out his frustration at the position change. We Dawg fans just get to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief.

Curran's official bio.

Mix em Up!! Salt or no salt??
  • We all know football season is closing in (in fact, Legend announced yesterday to be Herschel's day, and after celebrating a birthday...Streit at Bubba N Earl did the same). Fall practices are beginning. But news that Dawgbone is back up on the internets is the best news of the weekend. Follow THIS LINK, take note of the new address and bookmark carefully.
  • However, Mackie is still on hiatus and sends his apologies. Just means we're still stuck at 5-1 according to his prognostications.
  • Of course for that to come true, we'll need some spectacular play from our defense. Josh Kendall at Scout has a preview of Coach Willie's unit.
  • Nice of MikeInValdosta to have the team over for supper last night, on the eve of fall practice.
  • Missed this for Friday's Feedbag, but PWD has a tremendous analysis of some hidden yardage that I'm sure we all remember became quite burdensome last season.
  • Ever wonder why your blood lust for skinny people was so rich? Rex has an idea as he takes a look at one of the Dawgs strengths this season. The Telegraph also features the guys in the trenches. Speaking of the great Hale, he says 10 Wins is No Easy Task, and has 5 reasons the Dawgs will be better in '09. Being the savvy journalist he is, he also provides 5 reason the Dawgs will be worse.
  • Cousin Walter always has Football on the Brain, but his weekend links were from all reaches. I like that since my wife is always telling me to branch out.
  • Feeling the urge to bark...loudly? Alan has your diagnosis.
  • Since every person on Earth except for 92,000 of my closest friends have deemed floriDuh the best team ever to wear protective cups, it may be time to focus on the other SEC time zone. Battle Hymn Notes takes a look at the West division and has a fresh face in the Dome come December.

And while we're talking about the wacky west, even with Year2 on honeymoon TeamSpeedKills' cocknfire has a good look at Houston Nutt from a Pythagorean perspective. I won't spoil the analysis on you here with my non-mathematical genius, but it turns out Nutt does his job...well.

Next week they'll take a look at Alabama, my personal favorite to win the west. Saban may have trouble stepping up into his car at times without a step stool, but the guy can coach some defense. LSU is talented, but their defense was good enough last season for a middle of the pack ACC finish, at best. I don't see enough improvement there to get the Hat another feather for his cap. In Oxford, I think Ole Miss is certainly good enough to win it, but should something happen to Snead, they're basically done.

Bama doesn't have the luxury of a proven starter under center. They'll role play on offense and turn the heat up on both the cupcakes in their schedule and the real teams. I think they'll come into SEC play with an early loss to the Hokies, but take care of business win it counts.

And that is what sets the table for the Dawgs to exact some revenge for the humiliating Blackout defeat last September.

What? You thought I was picking Corch Slurban's felons to repeat? There's not enough tequila and lime in the world for me to do something that rash. So get your squeeze of lime and stir it up between sips. But grab a piece of Dentyne before you sit back down at work. That way when the boss comes round and you sluuuuurrr yur worrdddddddds...

At least your breath is minty fresh!



Alan Ashley said...

As far as the defense goes, if they continue to play without the fundamentals this will be coach willie's last year. Assuming injuries don't save him again.

Thanks for the shout out.

MikeInValdosta said...

Wow, that was like a 2-4-1 happy hour special!

Alan, Willie's unit will perform like it's a contract year. Full speed ahead, my man, full speed ahead.

Mackie said...'ve done it now.
Once I get called out it usually induces just enough guilt to get me off my ass and type something up.