Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Fully Padded and Ready to HIT IT!!

OK. So it's Monday morning and you're feeling pretty sorry for yourself. Maybe you're at work and thinking life just bites pretty hard. Maybe you're reading this while you commute and you just slammed into the BMW in front of you. Or maybe you're reading this from your mom's basement off of wireless signal snaked from a neighbor who's as unsecure as a glock in Plax's waistband.
(Get a life!)
But don't feel too sorry for yourself. You could be the poor bastard who's lining up this morning across from Jeff Owens...after he shredded his the first quarter of the first game...last season...going thru surgery...and a painful season from the bench...rehabbing for 10 months...waiting...just waiting, for a em on...and...BULL RUSH AT THE SNAP OF THE BALL AND TAKE SOME PEEWEE RB TO THE GROUND!!

Yeh...thought that would shut yer trap. Here's@JeffOwens95 own words:

“I love when guys come out and want to hit,” Owens said. “That makes me want to get out there and hit somebody – especially for me because I haven’t tackled anyone to the ground in a year. When I get back out there, I’m going to feel like I’m a kid again, like it’s Christmas. I just want to hit somebody.”

So it could be worse Reader. Your last name could be Burnette.

Today's Ingredients, Mix and Heat at 400 degrees
  • Looks like Ealey is gonna be out for a little while. But Georgia Sports Dawg has the spotlight on him nonetheless.
  • Communication is key. TE Arthur Lynch: Hey, youse guys! This playbook is wicked thick. Teammates: Hey y'all. I think #88 is tryna tell us somethin'.
  • While the rest of us continue to mourn the passing of Jacko, Prince Miller is focused on one person, and one person only...Dez Bryant.
  • I finally found something Rennie Curran and I have in common. No, not talking about the biceps. It's that having a daughter makes losses a little easier to swallow. Just a little
  • The AwwBarn and Hillbilly billboards in the state of Georgia have really pissed Rex off. But he sees no need to post Richt's visage in the hills of East Tennessee.
  • Exhile's new digs have their grand opening today. Make sure you head by at some point to catch the unveiling of his College Football's Bucket List.
  • Georgia's defenders have asked not to be asked about last year's disappointments. Hale I guess couldn't resist. And make sure you also catch the deleted scenes.
  • T Kyle King has his Preseason Blogroll Ballot's Top Ten out and ready for debate.
  • In the end, Lou Holtz's political career was a lot like his tenure in Chickumbia: a lot of spittle...over very, very little.
  • And lastly, Cousin Walter's Football on the Brain is celebrating. Go on over...I hear there's cake.

Things are looking up. The boys are entering two-a-days and there was an actual tackle football game on tv last night. An NFL preseason game wasn't quite enough to keep me from watching John McCLane Live Free instead of dying hard. But's progress.

And as you may have noticed, worked a little this weekend on the BDB lounge. Can't say I'm completely done tinkering yet. But the local Beverage Warehouse is supposed to come by later this week and install the official kegerator.

Hopefully, even if you hate the new format that will be enough to entice you back. The red Solo cups will be on the counter. Help yourself.

Until then Reader, grab a fork. Looks like lunch is done.


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