Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - unplugged and undercooked

AT&T has decided to feature me in a new reality series, Blogging Like a Mississippian. For no other apparent reason the communications conglomerate decided to turn off the Bernie Family DSL this weekend.
At the height of an impassioned speech Saturday morning to Marcus in (quote) Customer Care (un-quote), I finally broke down and told him that I have a reader who relies upon my blogging skillz. He asked if I was The Senator and I told him no. At which point he laughed heartily and told me I was SOL.
So I’m hunkered down with my iPhone and determined to make lemonade outta what life’s been throwing at me. All that to say…today’s meatloaf is very undercooked. So mix these up, heat in a cold oven and accept my sincerest apologies.

Today’s Ingredients
I guess you can count on some light posting the next couple days while I shop for internet service. After all, when your little girl looks up at you and asks you what turtles eat and you meet her with a quizzical stare…only Google at nothing less than 1 MbPS will do. Later, after continually stalling the kid she finally just said - Daddy, when will the internet be back up?
Cheer up kid. At least your momma and I aren't raising you in Mississippi.
I have to go resume my battle with Customer Swear. If certain ultimatums aren't met I'll at least enjoy the chance to tell someone to shove it!! early on a Monday morning.
And with any luck, next week's meatloaf will once again be fully cook'd. Maybe with the extra time this morning you could click some ads. With the extra coin I may actually win this reality series and escape the grasps of what life is like in Starkville.
I once spent a month in Starkville one weekend (bahDumDUM!). Have a Monday Reader.



MikeInValdosta said...

Sounds like the NSA is in on this "service interruption". Have you noticed any black helicopters in your area? Are there an unusually large number of plain domestic sedans in your neighborhood? How you violated the SEC's digital media policy?

If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then the answer to all was yes.

Be careful.

Streit said...


I've got both of the Knowshon ads right here:

- Streit

Bernie said...

Mike - anytime I get near a keyboard and mouse I violate SEC Media policy. However, I have some covert ops planned.

And thanks for the link Streit. I thought both were hilarious. Much better than the other NFL Camp ads I saw over the weekend.

Unknown said...

i resent that one reader comment you made to the dsl guy. i always have to read your stuff 2 or 3 times to make sense of it! wait a minute....why do read it every day then? good blog bernie.