Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Wiping the Spittle From the Irish Eyes

You know how when your wife's yapping...AHEM!...talking to you and you're late tuning in. She gets to the end of the diatribe and your husbandly senses tell you she was telling you a joke so you start laughing hysterically. Then as you wipe the tears from your eyes you slowly realize she was serious??

That's how I felt Saturday when I heard this...Lou Holtz has NotHer Dame playing for the BCS title. Understand, he doesn't just have them playing their soft underbellied way into the BCS conglomerate. He has them playing floriDuh IN the big game.

In related news, SMU had an outside shot at the 1987 Nat'l Championship.

Sure, stranger things have happened. The lil' leprechauns have a schedule feared by thousands of intramural volleyball teams. It's a well known fact that 33% (that's a third for any South Carolina "graduates" who wandered in here) of AARPs membership is sports journalists who still think Knute Rockne is coaching in South Bend.

But Lou's prognostication came with more than it's usual fair dosage of spittle. He panders to the Irish like pimp with one lady left at 2am. He's relentless. He's pitiful. He's pathetic.

Thanks for the laugh Lou. And by the way...that horse is dead.

Today's Ingredients
  • If you missed MaconDawg's Free Form Friday, you are behind in gettin' to know the Bulldog Beat's official RockStar...David Hale.
  • The AJC has a pictorial feature at Newnan HS's twin barrels - Alec and Zander Ogletree.
  • PWD has a look at the Mutha's Okie State preview. I hope those 'pokes are soaking up this attention fully. Heads swollen with false bravado are so much fun to pop.
  • Dean Legge is brave enough to ask...what if (shudder) we start the season 0-3 ($)? I agree with Dean that it's pretty unlikely. But he adds some historical references that make it an interesting read.
  • According to these two jackholes, Georgia shouldn't even bother practicing anymore (h/t Senator). Seriously, not even a brief shout-out to the Dawgs.
  • Exhile has five things for you to think about.
  • Hale looks at the brotherly relationship between Aaron and Josh Murray, a walk-on safety. On the blog he provides the deleted scenes where we get down to the nitty-gritty...has older brother intercepted younger?
  • Thanks to Mackie's tip, I finally got my Orson Charles jersey yesterday. For a profile on the hybrid TE, check out Georgia Sports Dawg's latest.
  • Weiszer has a nice piece on the lone constant in the Dawgs' backfield this fall, Chap Daddy Dollas.

  • That previous bullet was reserved for Jeff Owens latest blog post, which I was sure might come last night. Give him a pass though. According to his tweet, he spent some time outside shooting hoops with the neighborhood kids. Watch THE knee kid! We need this guy...

Yesterday I asked if you were ready. The overwhelming response has been YES!!

I feel ya. In the mean time, heat those up and serve em with a heaping side of smashed taters. Maybe that'll tide us over a while.


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