Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Rocky Flops

What has been filed under an eventuality has now come to fruition: the NCAA is investigating the recruitment of Bryce Brown (h/t Senator). In more shocking news, Bear Bryant once signed a 320 lb behemoth to a swimming scholly.

Yet I digress.

Unless there is a surprise, the HillBillys don't stand to lose any scholarships, visits or contacts. But they could lose the eligibility of the recruit their witless leader couldn't help but call by name before ink met paper.

Of course, all this was common knowledge back in late February and March. Yet as I was scrolling through the Doc Saturday post, this caught my attention:

“I think it’s a gigantic distraction. I think it’s very unfortunate, “ Kiffin said in announcing the investigation after Tuesday’s practice.

First of all…unfortunate is a gigantic word for KiffyBaby. He’s to be gradulated. (Rep. Brown, please keep your go gator seat).

But secondly…really? He said that?

Coach Kifster – when you lay in bed with Paris Hilton, it may be nice to soak up the limelight. But you run at least an increased chance of catching something venereal.

Enjoy the doctor's visit.


Stephen said...

That is one of the funnier pieces I have seen in a while. Love the humor, and love following your blog. Especially the Rep. Brown comment. stupid gatuh...

Go Dawgs

Unknown said...

You are now receiving the prestigious slow golf clap of approval. Brilliant!

MikeInValdosta said...

clap clap clap

couldn't help it, gene opened the door for the perfect pun