Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Samuel Tested, Battle...READY

The headlines just after lunch have been lauding Richard Samuel, with good reason. According to CMRs stats, the sophomore tallied over 170 yards with just over a hundred of that on the ground. The qualifiers - he ran behind the 1st team OL, against the 2nd team D....he had a fumble.

I'm not quite ready to rename the clumsy turnover a "Samuel", but the kid evidently made a great play through the line and was into the secondary when he coughed it up. It's becoming the kid's MO. And if I expect it to end, you can bet McClendon and Coach Richt do as well.

That being said, CMRs description of Samuel's long run is impressive:

“We were running off of the right side of the line and it kind of got congested," Richt said. "He broke it back across the grain and got vertical. He either made a safety miss or stiff-armed him and then made the last guy miss."

Most importantly, I think we can all recall that our first opponent is a self-proclaimed offensive juggernaut. To be fair, they've got some stats to back that up.

And that's why the official BDB Stellar Stat of the Day was "Lightning" Rod Battle touching up the QB 3.5 times. Couple that with the fact that Marcus Washington scrimmaged almost exclusively at D-end and I feel better about this defense turning a corner....and gaining some momentum before Stillwater.

Just my two pennies. Gimme yours if you got em.

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MikeInValdosta said...

My stat of the day is "24", as in 24 days until we whip some Cowpoke ass!

Anonymous said...

I watched the Texas vs Oklahoma State game on ESPNU last night. Their kickoff return team is amazing. Whomever they got returning KOs got like 35 or 40 yards a return against Texas. I hope we can handle it.