Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Headers

Read quickly. The wife should have that weekend Honey-Do list ready to accost you with soon.
  • Mackie not only leads the poll to the right, but he has given us a two-fer. I knew that bye week would be our beeatch!
  • Exhile is off and running with his new address. Rich Brooks as Tony Bennett. Click and you'll understand why this is Saban's ass - ->
  • Pre-season polls pretty much suck it if you ask me. But the new Corches' Poll is out. As expected it's gayturdriffic.
  • In related pre-season news, Reshad has been named to the Thorpe watch list.
  • Get the Picture points out that RichRod may be waxing a bit too philosophical.
  • Knowshon hurdled contract negotiations. Now he prepares to stiff-arm Raiders.
  • Dancing in the Endzone has found another reason to laugh hysterically at the Nerds de North Avenue. BWAHAHAHA!!
  • And the biggest news is prolly THIS. I just see this having lasting affects on how I get info as a Dawg fan. Not to mention that it could make SEC blogging even more enigmatic...if that were possible.
Now....better go cut the frickin' grass.

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