Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still a Committee, But With a CEO...??

It appears just as he has run away with my poll to the left, Richard Samuel is running away with the starting tailback's job. CMR labels the sophomore a "solid #1".
"He's playing with a lot of energy," said Coach Richt. "Some of these practices, by the end of the practice he's still blazing a trail pretty good. When the other guys fatigue, he looks even faster."
According to Hale, Thomas hasn't been forgotten. The shifty back has had a strong fall camp with two good scrimmages. But Samuel has earned a level of trust among the coaches.

Perhaps Samuel's best praise came from someone with the best vantage point to evaluate, Curran.
"I remember tackling him one time and I got a headache," said the junior LB. "He's the type of back that can beat a defense down over time."
It appears the climb for King is steep when he returns to the practice field. Samuel has drawn his share of criticism for his upright style and we've all grown tired of his pesky case of fumblitis. But once the coaches' trust is earned, we as fans have no choice but to relent.

Serve us well Samuel.

In other news, Ben Jones' injury appears to not be too severe afterall. Richt expects him ready by September 5th. Which just so happens to be the opener.


Stephen said...

I totally agree Bernie. I think that he has came into the fall after missing the spring knowing what he had to do, adopting the work ethic that a head coach is looking for. He has impressed them, he has done what they have asked, and anytime Rennie Curran says tackling him is a headache, I say give him the ball. Keep up the good work and GO DAWGS


Bernie said...

In an earlier post, I made a big deal of his fumble in that first scrimmage. But haven't heard much of it being a chronic condition like last season.

And yes, what Rennie says I go with too. : )

MikeInValdosta said...

I will have a little airplane bottle of crown in my pocket to celebrate his first touchdown in Stillwater. I will also have a bottle for his second and third, 'cause like a boyscout, I come prepared!