Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stir Some Video in With Your Coffee

To be honest, I'm just rolling back into town. My schedule hasn't yet allowed me to absorb everything that transpired on our first day of fall practice. From what limited amount of intel I've delved into, sounds like Jancek has been a little more vocal and Searels and Garner are just as grumpy as when we left them.


But to tide you over until you click away from BDB to another blog that is upchucking poetic on how spectacular Charles is gonna be (seriously, I heard there was a run on #7 jerseys yesterday) and how Ealey was wearing Knowshon's number, here's three videos for the vault. First, found this over at TotalUGA. You may have seen it on "Georgia" day at College Football Live.

Hines Ward = DamnGoodDawg

And second, this little gem was making it's way through Twitter last night thanks to @cbrannon. I had first run into it a couple months ago. Suffice to say, as the father of two girls...Thomas can come calling anytime. I won't even threaten him with my gun.

Thanks citizencrane. To sum up: Thomas' parents = DamnGoodDawgs

Best for last....Also making the rounds on Twitter is is this one from none other than @jeffowens95 (who would like some more followers by the way, just click). Get Crunk Uncle Verne!!

WOW! If your blood runs red and black you're about to put your head through the cubcile wall right now. Hellz Yeh!!

Jeff Owens = DamnGoodDawg

Speaking of Twitter. If you tweet, make sure you follow me - @BernieDawg. #ThursdayRTrivial has its sixth episode tomorrow. You could walk away with a fabulous prize, not to mention your name in lights!!

Have a great HumpDay Reader!

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