Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Headers

The offices of BDB are undergoing some renovations as we prepare for the upcoming season. Rest assured the dust, sawhorses and empty PBR cans will be outta the way well before we trek over to StillH2O. We here at BerniesDawgBlawg always want your experience to be top-notch. So rest assured that despite some tinkerings and additions to the format, I will continue to bring you the senseless drivel and thoughtless ramblings you've come to adore so much.

That being said, here are a few links of interest this AM:
  • CollegeFootballNews likes the Dawgs enough to put CMRs crew at #5 in their power rankings. Probably too high I might agree, but a lot of the points they make are salient (for any toothless wonders who may have wandered in, that means REAL good!!).
  • Mark Bradley does not like CollegeFootballNews.
  • Hey...if it'll get him off of the mutha...and quietly into some cushy office amongst some lunatic constituency...I'll make a campaign donation.
  • Hale's practice notes are up for Day Two. But to be honest, this time of year has so much content to delve into...why not just go to the top of his blog and work your way down?
  • The best news from Wednesday was brought to us by Quinton. And what goes nicely with your newly printed season tix? Some new Dawg Gear...that is, if Mackie left any...
  • Mike uses BUI as an excuse to speak kindly of Philmer.
  • By now you are certainly aware that DawgBone has a new address. Exhile is moving to a new crib on the cybersphere too. OLD NEW Now if only we could get him back home and outta exhile...
  • Anytime Rex talks about anything to do with the recruitin' process...well, I give it a good read. You should too.
  • And yesterday, Hale provided some insight into the Eric Berry recruitment which has curiously come into the spotlight as he enters his final season in Knutsville. The Senator weighs in. As usual, he needs no filibuster to garner my vote.
Now get back to work. Or at least pull out a spreadsheet or pie chart as you read. Honestly.

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MikeInValdosta said...

There are some people from OSHA looking for you. Something about an unsafe work-environment...