Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Headers

Know thy enemy...
  • Okie State freshman safety Joe Mitchell may not make it to the opener as aStillwater resident. Turns out he graduated from a high school with a surplus of white-out (h/t DawgfanTC). I figured as a true freshman at the safety position, he wouldn't be seeing much of the field come 9/5 anyway. But I ventured over to the Pokey Boards anyway...
  • Jeese...I wonder if Coach Gumby is man enough to cut ties with a player who still considers Algebra a foreign language?
  • And this is supposed to scare me? It is interesting to me though how the newly castrated Visor now supports Free Shoes. Just sayin'...
  • Scout's CollegeFootballNews has a close look at LSwho QB Jordan Jefferson. Solid analysis by Gomila, but I still wonder if this kid has an extinguisher for his own team's secondary.
  • NATS evidently has multiple players who weigh less than a buck-eighty.
  • Ever wonder if floriDuh's QBs were connected a little too closely? This was all the proof I needed. You're on your on for the barf bag. I'm all out.

But give the friends a shout!
  • Dooley likes it when I smile....and when his Japanese Maples turn.
  • Hale says King's coming on strong.
  • At 6'9" and full of Dawg heart, John Isner is a star who has already risen. But following another strong showing in LA, he's now turning heads on a national scale.
  • And Dawg Stephen states some facts about CMR that this Dawg hopes are more than obvious.

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