Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AJ the Beast

I'm sure you've noticed. AJ Green is now a Beast. As the Senator said, in a world of freaks he is of the super variety.

Green came to campus with his talent and we marveled. All season our jaws dropped his freshman season. I've said before that Calvin Johnson is probably the largest receiver with all world talent I've ever seen. Granted, when Paul Oliver was on the same field, Johnson...was just another receiver underneath a blanket.

And as much as I hate to compare our monster with a nerd, you get my drift. Just a few months ago we warned opposing DBs to beware of AJ. He was working in the weight room and on the practice field. He was adding muscle to his frame.

We saw #8 make some amazing plays Saturday night. But there was one in particular that stood out to me. We've seen Green run the crisp routes, make the acrobatic catches and make the mid-air adjustments. But this play to me shows the difference between AJ Green this season and last. It was the quick out in the 3rd quarter that AJ then took down the visitor sideline for a 34 yard gain after breaking a tackle and making a couple moves. (It's the third play highlighted in the video below) A season ago the result may have been similar, but forcing Gamecock d-back Darian Stewart to the ground was just too easy for Dawg flanker.

I looked it up and the SS Stewart is listed as 5'11", 216 lbs, fwiw. That was AJs longest reception of the young season. Yup...last season AJ was a talent. Now his groin don't ail him. Now he has another 20lbs of muscle.

Yes, now he's officially a freak.

Rec Yards YPC YPG TDs
2008 56 963 17.2 74.1 8
2009 10 138 13.8 69 1


dean said...

I'm not trying to be "that fan" but how was the tackle by Matthews on that play not a penalty but the tackle by Jones (earlier in the game) was?

Anonymous said...


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