Thursday, September 3, 2009

House Cleaning, Handshakes and other Hand Grenades

Before leaving town, it's always a good idea to tidy up. Here's some loose ends. Some of which have been rattling around in my head. Others have just been clogging up the inbox.

  • As Hale suggested earlier this week, we're leaving King behind. Tripp also will not make his namesake.
  • Whether you agree with the AFCAs suggestion of a handshake or not, you have to admit Gundy is taking some moderate sized PR shots this week. His team, as @credendino said last night, is "falling apart" it seems. A starting TE leaves his helmet on the field, more arrests than the defending nat'l chumpions, plus the little matter of gentlemanly all adds up to a growing saturation in the crotch area of our favorite MAN.
  • Was wandering around the internets last night and read this tongue in cheek preview of the Okie Pokies (h/t PWD). Mr. T-Bone...I guess you get what you pay for.
  • Back to the handshake issue...I side with Quinton. As much respect as I have for what our QB is telling us, when you have the opportunity to show that you are above the game itself and perhaps teach some younger fans (maybe even older ones) what sport is about...well, just do it.
  • Who knew Baylor @ Wake Forest was such a draw? If you're green with your local affiliate and simply ask - WTF??
  • Lastly, make sure you wear your college colors tomorrow for College Colors Day. But also make sure you leave an appropriately RED shirt ready for gameday. Black won't work Saturday (h/t @ThinkingBulldog)

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GATA, y'all!