Sunday, September 13, 2009

I See Your Point and I'll Raise You Two More

On a night where the special teams won the ball game, I thought the kickoff team was vastly improved from the episodes in Stillwater.

However, Coach offers us words of caution once again:

"Blair's got a strong leg...The one they returned the farthest, he drove it trying to drive it into the end zone the way evreybody wants, kick it as far as you can and don't worry about hangtime. He drilled it flat and they returned it to the 50. If you drill it far enough it's great, but if you come up short and they decide to return it, that's the result and we've got to understand that."

True. But consequences we may be able to live with. My two cents:
  1. The risk for the deep kick seems at worst equal than the directional least in the short term. Over time, I would imagine the chances of a bad boot on a low trajectory would be far less than a bad directional one.
  2. With a strong leg the reward for the deep kick seems to yield at a far greater clip.
Kick the ball deep and let's GATA!!

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