Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Locker Notes - Arizona State

Sun Devils are on the horizon. They looking for payback and they're bringin' hell with em...

Grab a handful and paste em up. And if I've missed one, by all means add your own.

  • First and foremost, Joe Cox - Congrats on the awards. Can't think of a more deserving recipient.
  • Orson Charles - So you're a TE that also catches balls thrown to you. Is that what they mean by hybrid?
  • Caleb King - I pray you make me eat my words. I like the way you block...and hold onto the ball.
  • Richard Samuel - You seem hellbent on testing CMRs patience. As long as you keep blocking well, he and Bobo will likely keep you in the backfield. But each slip of the pigskin makes those 80 yard jaunts a LOT less tasty.
  • Bobo - Great work. Let's see what these freshmen can do before we hit October.
  • Willie - Please see me in my office.
  • Cornelius Washington - I see many sacks in your future. Owens says others need to play with a motor like yours. Already leading by example. Keep it up.
  • Bryan Evans - We're well aware of what happens when a safety locks in on the's devastating. Play it safe.
  • Drew Butler - I hope my ass never gets in the way of your cleat. Gawd!


MikeInValdosta said...

Reshad, your violence on the football field is fantastic!

Michael Moore, Your play on the field this year will make everyone forget about most of your movies. Canadian Bacon will be tough to top.

Coach Fabs, Wouldn't it be even more challenging is we just kicked from our own 5. C'mon, man up!

Willie, Bernie wants you in his office, now.

dean said...

Offensive Line: On 2 means on 2. Does it really need to be simplified more than that?

Richt: Remind me why you used a scholarship on Bogotay again.

AJ Green: Thank you a 1000x's for choosing to be a Dawg.

Anonymous said...


Rennie, ride some LB ass in practice so they will start to help you out!

Houston, you are more rested than anyone, "swim" that LT and crush the quarterback.

Evans, where are you at again?

Bernie said...

REALLY appreciate the help guys. Dead on.