Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Locker Notes - Arkansas

Saturday was the kind of win that brings plenty of questions even amid the answers. Do we have a great kickoff return team? YES. Is Branden Smith faster than the speed of sound? Most definitely. Is Caleb's hammy okay after dancing so much in the postgamepandemonium? Undecided...

Now we look out west for our second SEC contest. To help the team, let's post some locker notes. At the end you'll find your own stack of post-its. So feel free to add your own.

  • Boykin and Boling - congrats on the SEC honors. Hope they are the first of many this season.
  • AJ - We're running out of words to describe your play. And we really like that.
  • Battle - Damn. Just Damn.
  • Gray - When that d-end crashes, keep that ball son.
  • Fabris - so glad you read my blawg. Keep up the good work. Or just stay outta Blair's way. Kid's got a cannon. Hate for you to get hit by shrapnel.
  • Houston - we have no problem with you returning just in time to roast some pork. GATA!
  • Caleb - When the Bulldog Nation has been waiting...and waiting for you to emerge from the pulled hammy and the might be a good idea to leave the dancing shoes at home.
  • Bobo - Pssst...Charles is open. A lot.
  • Branden - Holy Crap! I've driven motorized vehicles that you could outrun.
  • Prince - Flags helped you out some Saturday. Don't count on 'em everytime.
  • Martinez - Hope we have a way to cover the TE this week.
  • Coach Richt - I like the intensity too...but some of these flags are getting costly.
  • Ochodos - Plenty of catches/yards/TDs in this piglet secondary. Go Wild!

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Sports Dawg said...

Who's gonna play football first this year, Caleb King or Michael Vick? Must have been one heck of a hammy! I'm just saying...