Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Locker Notes - LSwhoooo??

Who dat say? It's Wednesday and it's really beginning to smell like corn dogs. So let's get to these locker notes and help the team get ready for the nation's #4 ranked team in the nation.

  • AJ Green - please try to actually show up this week...Ha! Just making sure you're awake. I really like the fact that despite all the attention you're getting in opposing secondaries, you still make em all bark like Dawgs!! Do you think you might see press coverage this week after ASUs failed attempts?
  • Blair Walsh - I said a bad word in J'ville last year when you missed that FG. It was nothing directed at you personally...I'm not like that. But I'm still sorry for saying it. Because the mere utterance suggests that I doubted you. And that would obviously have been wrong.
  • Rantavious Wooten - I warned my reader. The calls of Woot!! Saturday night were especially enjoyable. GATA!!
  • Coach Searels - you have to be frustrated. But we all have faith that you'll dial up the right combination.
  • Baccari Rambo - you'll certainly see more field work this weekend. I have trouble recalling the actual term they have for it...but if you can find it within yourself to catch an LSU pass, subsequently changing the direction of play....well, that would be outstanding.
  • Darryl Gamble - I remember. I'm sure you do too. (And be careful of that weird looking guy behind you with the devilish grin. Looks like he's had some undercooked chicken...)
  • Shaun Chapas - If you hear Boykin yell he's got it, bring your eyes back to the horizon and find a block.
  • Orson Charles - There's no way they can hang with you. Let em try. Let em fail.

As always Reader, feel free to add your own. I hope to be back soon with an update from Willard. But he's sauced...and lost, somewhere in Texas.


dean said...

Joe Cox: Please remember we will be in our RED (home) jerseys.

Bryan McClendon: I hope you've had the guys working on ball security this week.

Mike Moore: Hope you bring it Satruday. We're gonna need it.

Rennie Curran: Keep on, Keepin' on.

Unknown said...

Wish I was Leonard. At least until saturday.