Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Locker Notes - South Carolina

Losses hurt. They hurt the fans cuz we have so much passion and ill will for the opponents. They hurt the players and coaches cuz of the time and hard work put into preparation.

But now preparation is underway for the SEC opener. I've jotted some notes on stickies for certain players and personnel to get us ready and on the same page. Afterall, when the trumpet blasts and they run out onto the field, we ALL gotta be ready to play more than one quarter of football. me put them up in their lockers:

  • Reshad Jones - We've been pretty critical. But that hit in the fourth Saturday was textbook football. Those horse(bleep!) flags that littered the field should be forgotten. That's the type of highlight that makes Dawg fans (and NFL scouts) sit up and take notice.
  • Bryan Evans - Thanks for giving the best receiver in the nation whose last name isn't Green a taste of what SEC football is like.
  • Joe Cox - The number 107 tells me everything I need to know. That's the number of votes you received out of 110 from your teammates as this year's captain. I just hope you got the bottle of GermX I sent you.
  • Richard Samuel - The ground is not our friend. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Tony Ball - We just can't use three receivers all season. Take a look behind you at 28, 17 and 15. You know, the ones twiddling their thumbs...?
  • Justin Houston - You are missed. I'm glad Coach suspended you. There's some lessons that are more important than football. But we're desperately looking forward to your return. Keep preparing for it.
  • Trinton - Damn. Just damn.
  • Bobo - Remember the One and Done? Be aggressive. It becomes you.
  • Fabris - I'll give you a free smiling lesson for each touchback this season. How 'bout it?
  • Branden Smith - We understand your excitement. And we know you don't have to run out of the endzone in practice (see note Fabris). But here's an example of college level math: putting knee down in endzone = 20 - - - > CORRECT!
  • Caleb King - We've been pretty critical. But the door's still open. That seat at the head of the committee board room table is yours if you really want it.
Feel free to add more that I may have missed.

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MikeInValdosta said...

Prince Miller: Great game young man!
Marcus Dowtin: Way to step up!
Drew Butler: Whatever it takes!
Blair Walsh: Remember last years first kick, don't let it go to your head.
Chris Burnette: Hit the defense like you hit the books :-)