Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Where's Square One Again?

Happy Labor Day! ....OK! Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let's get to work.

Raise your mouse pad if you were offended by our offensive play calling? There were more than a few things that irritated me about the loss, but this by far leads the field.

This offense was supposed to be Katie bar the door, no holds barred, punch ya in the mouth then run right by you. Come on Reader, you heard the same quotes and read the same articles I did. Like this one, where Bobo is basically drooling through his words over Wooten: "He's got a little bit more quick twitch than some of our other guys...he's got some change of direction. Not that the other guys don't, but he's got some quickness."

Heard a lot of rumblings about Cox as I left the stadium. Let's keep in mind the guy's not the type of QB to win games on his own. He needs a supporting cast. He needs to be put in a position where he can manage a game, not be forced to win it with his arm.

Ching says the entire offense is to blame in this crappy piece. We all pretty much knew that the offense wasn't a corvette. But Bobo has the keys the last I checked. There's enough talent to make it a dependable yard gaining machine.

Let's crank the engine Mike!

Today's Ingredients
  • In Tempe, pretty much everyone came from one direction. Playing the Cowboys meant having Dawg fans coming from different directions - Ok City, Tulsa, Wichita or from right there in Stillwater. While there weren't as many fans as last year's big OOC game, the Dawg turnout was impressive.
  • Wichita was nice. Old Town had a decent nightlife and the beer served there reminded me of Athens back in the early 90's - cold, plentiful and cheap.
  • Sturdivant is gone for the season. Kinda like a nightmare that repeats for this kid this time every year. In semi-related news, Makiri Pugh tested positive for the swine flu.
  • Penalties. Okla State lost the battle there garnering over a hundred yards in yellow flags, but it hardly feels that way does it? And someone please explain to me how RJ making a devastating yet legal hit is unsportsmanlike but their Burt Reynolds lookalike mascot can shoot his cannon sized gun off during an effin' play with no flag? Enjoy your T-Bone sized paycheck zebras...
  • Defense played well, real well. BUI gives em a B, sounds about right. I might go a little higher since they were continually put in bad positions, yet held a potent offense to 24 and a stud receiver to three catches. Two complaints: turnovers. much as Robinson was keying on Dez Bryant, would've been nice to blitz that nickelback. As much as Bryant is the type of talent that makes his QB look a lot better than he actually is, our defense could've made him look a lot worse.
  • Of course there are others that think Robinson is worthy of higher aims. A bigger question though may Bill Young really that good?
  • Is there another team on God's green Earth that doesn't have a kicker who can boot the ball into the endzone? Something tells me Dan Bailey didn't grow up in Poland either.
  • I thought punting was a bright spot. Drew Butler is gonna prove to be quite the commodity and helped back me up in taking him as an impact player. In Hale's fleeting thoughts, he picked a nit that Butler's numbers were inflated by a couple of lucky bounces. While that is true, I'll disagree in that I think the hangtime was pretty good. Regardless, whether it takes a lucky bounce or some improved hangtime Butler may be our team's MVP until the offense comes around.
  • Kit tells some Dawgs to get over themselves. Reminds me of the last opening game loss. As we were exiting the stadium I actually saw a kid burn his new t-shirt commemorating the Donnan regime. That's not hyperbole Reader. Walking down the ramp, next to a bare-chested kid who's t-shirt is on fire. Smoke, flames...Dawg angst at it's most combustible.
  • Dawgcast episode #200, the bicentennial. Whether it covers a happy event or not, reason for congratulations guys.
  • Another feat came from Flushing Meadows Saturday where John Isner beat 5 seed Roddick in 5 sets of US Open play.
With every loss come suspensions: Fabris and Bobo...time to run some stairs. On second thought, can just run from the 30 to the opposite endzone about 5 yards deep. If you start to drift towards the sideline, I'm shipping you to Poland.

Great big Shout-Out to Nama for all the video footage this weekend. Glad you understand being the BDB technical director is currently a non-contract position.

Have a great Monday Reader. Don't Labor over the loss too much.



Unknown said...

Don't you mean a T. Boone-sized paycheck for the zebras?

Bernie said...

I was actually stealing one from Hale. T. Boone = T-Bone

So yeh, I'm sure those refs are each enjoying their own private windmill after Saturday's crapfest.

Bernie said...

To finish off the Hale h/t, here's the link: gotta love that tee-bone!!

Anonymous said...

Nama came through. I loved the vlogging. Now, if I could only figure out how to put 8mm on digital...