Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Wringing It Out

Saturday night the win matched the environment, ugly. Real ugly. I would ask you Reader to explain to me exactly how we're winning ball games by turning it over 3 times a game...but chances are you are at as great a loss as I am.

Meanwhile, there's nothing more you can say about Adriel Jeremiah Green that hasn't been said. And repeated. The Dawg receiver and hero extraordinaire should garner some serious Heisman hype. Like immediately. Of course, lowly fans like us don't make those decisions.

AJs QB (I thought) didn't look very good. In fact I was thinking he had regressed until I read Stuff's take on the game yesterday. Cox is what he is: a good QB that needs a strong running game as a compliment. He's gonna have games where things are slowed down and the decisions are easy to make.

Saturday was not one of those games. In fact, the two interceptions weren't even his worse throws. But he has the country's best receiver and a corps of other receivers that are really doing their part. If Samuel or King would catch fire and the offensive line would force the issue, I can still see Cox as a potential All SEC by season's end.

Today's Ingredients
  • Normally I would agree with the decision to go for it on 4th and 2 with 10 to play. But our line was getting abused by an ASU d-line I vastly underrated.
  • Searels O-line continues to amaze, in a not so good way. Back to back false starts...are ya kiddin' me? The play's on 1...2...or 3. I'm sure it can't be simplified any further.
  • But the bonehead awards for the night are clearly due for the refs. I thought they'd made their worst call when they robbed AJ of his 2nd TD in the 4th. Then they completely ignored the face mask on King at the end that would've made the winning FG a chip shot.
  • Martinez substituted a lot. But I didn't understand pulling Rambo out on the series after his INT. Regardless, the redshirt freshman may have indeed unseated the senior Evans as the starter.
  • Branden Smith played a lot. Obviously the kid is earning the coaches' trust.
  • The Great and never late Hale gives us CMRs teleconference notes from last night. And I like that the ABH added a true freshman to its Players of the Game.
  • Some other analysis from the blogosphere: Rex adds his unique perspective as always, Kim weighs in on another close win, Quinton has a look behind and ahead, and Senator Blutarsky bases his pontifications off of another Fifth Quarter Show comment.
  • Kudos to the students Saturday night who braved the elements in a first come first served kinda way. Munson especially would be proud.
  • Super pleased to announce that BDB has landed an interview with the Hat hisself. The judge has dismissed the case against our own Willard just in time for him to cross state lines once again. So he has loaded up his camper and is somewhere in south Alabama as I type. Stay tuned. I'm sure he's sauced.
  • Have to give a shout-out to David. He braved the crappy weather last November with me only to see a second half melt down to Tech. If we'd have lost Saturday, I'd of never given him a ticket again. : )
  • Lastly, big shout-out to the local law enforcement Saturday night. Since my seat was drenched, I spent sometime on the concourse before kickoff like everyone else and their brother. All the ponchos and rain gear sure makes securing the stadium extra difficult. I appreciate their diligence and took a moment to tell them so. Hope you did as well.
Brought back memories. In 1998, Ole Miss came to town for a night game. It was cold and it rained throughout. What was worse, my cohorts deserted me. Even my lovely lady.

But it always amazes me that even when the weather map is as colorful as a Christmas tree and you're soaked to the core...a night in Athens watching the Dawgs is an unbelievable experience. Now, I realize it could never rain in Tempe like it did here Saturday night. But if it did, that House of Heat would be empty.

And I don't know where you stand on the progress of this team at this point in the season. And I'm sure you're like me and get pretty any good SEC fan worth his (or her...) weight in cold beer. But take a moment to be thankful that you support a team whose fanbase has blood that runs so deep that they would brave the elements just to bark like hell.

We won that game back in '98, 24-17. I remember running down River Road back to my truck after it was over, cranking it up and just sitting there with the heat blasting full force...waiting for the feeling to come back to my toes.

And smiling...wide. Now go have yourself a Monday Reader. Let's try and stay dry this week.


**All photos courtesy of Athens Banner-Herald**