Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Red Flags Over Clempson

Instead of working on the honey-do list this past weekend, took a trip to the folks for some really good food...and an opportunity to drive Bernie's Dawgmobile through urranjah hotbeds like Easley, Greenville and Clempson.
If you were not already aware, I am the product of an IPTAY marriage. Luckily my parents had enough sense to raise me in Athens. I tell them it was so Child Protective Services would get off of their backs. They say it was so Dad could get his doctorate from a real school.

Or something like that... Regardless, I guess the main thing is - to this day I have yet to drive a tractor, the preferred mode of transport in and around upstate SC.

The visit this weekend reminded me of going for a visit several years ago. The 2002 season opener brought my dad's kittens to town, only to limp away after DJ and Billy broke their hearts. It was especially sweet for me cuz as I left our tailgate to head for Sanford, I had called my folks to give them what the final score would be.

Do you know who Billy Bennett is Dad? Well, you will. Dawgs 31 Tigers 28.

The next Saturday we headed over Lake Hartwell for a visit. As we drove through Pendleton the Tiger Traffic got real thick. They had a noon start, so we were backed up in traffic full of Tiger Rags on their way to touch that rock. To give you the full visual, we were the sore thumb sitting comfortably in our red and black truck with flags at full Glory.

At one point, I tried to motion a lady into the lane in front of me. I was raised to be gentlemanly and she had been sitting there for a good 5 minutes at least. I was sure her potato salad was within moments of spoiling a tailgate somewhere near Tillman Hall. And we were in no rush as the Dawgs didn't kick off in Chickumbia until mid-afternoon (you remember...when David Pollack proved he only needed one left hand to corral his 3rd career INT).

Maybe had Clempson won the contest 'tween the hedges the previous week she would've just given me the finger and laughed. But all she could manage on this Saturday morning was to look away in disgust and refuse my generous offer.

Don'tcha just LOVE college football in the South? Man I wish we'd renew that rivalry.

And luckily I didn't have to count on her for a ticket the following year when the Dawgs went to Clempson. Mom gave me hers so I could sit next to dad and witness a real 30-0 thumping that included another Pollack INT. David Pollack just saved our whatchamacallit!


Besides, I bet that lady Tiger's potato salad sucked.


dean said...

Being from Pickens I can only sit here and let you rip on the upstate 13 or 14 more times before I have to say something. However given that your statements are true I really don't know what my rebuttal would be.

Silver Dawg said...

Was born in Spartanburg, and by the grace of God and a job offer by Delta to my dad, was re-baptised a Georgian at age 2. My Carolina relatives still drive tractors, spit and love Sara Palin. If traveling to upstate SC, buy peaches and leave.

Silver Dawg said...

Was born in Spartanburg. But, by the grace of God and an offer of a job by Delta for my dad, was re-baptised a Georigan at age two. My relatives in upstate SC still drive tractors, spit and love Sara Palin. Should you visit the area, buy peaches......and leave.

Bernie said...

I give em a hard time, but I love those folks. And I mean it when I say we should renew that rivalry. It's a quality opponent, they're close...and I can usually con Mom outta a ticket if I bring her grand-darlings.