Sunday, September 27, 2009

(Soggy) Sunday Thoughts

I'm still digesting the play on the field and I'm really tired. So I'll have some more thoughts on the actual game (a 20-17 squeaker just as I said it would be) in tomorrow's meatloaf. But here's some initial impressions and some commentary on what was the rain-soaked event.
  • It was just a weird day in Athens, period.
  • Due to a fundraiser yesterday morning, didn't pull into town until about 2:00. I guess the late kick coupled with the impending weather made most tailgaters tardy for the party.
  • Got to meet Exhile. Talk about a Damn Good Dawg! The guy was in town for his third game of the season. And he lives in Illinois. I think I've finally met someone who loves Athens even more than I do....well, maybe.
  • I was deserted by all of my posse. Right down to my own wife. So I spent a lot of time walking around. Got to get some VIP treatment at the Coke tent and saw the Dawg Walk for the first time this season.
  • Then the rains hit. Holy crap! Sanford was one big bowl of rainwater. Hords of fans just congregating...waiting to be able to get to their seats safely.
  • Rain lasted in earnest through the first quarter. Then we were all just cold and very wet.
  • The Redcoats didn't even do their regular halftime show; they just played the music from the stands. I'll put my favorite Redcoat on the spot: there a precedent for this? I can't think of another time this has been done. And I've been to plenty of rain soaked games.
  • I'm not bashing the decision. Afterall, this may be the only game in history where Sanford has absorbed (or tried to) roughly 20 inches of rain in a week and a half. But it was weird. Just weird.
  • On the other hand the baton twirler (majorette..??) rocked the house. I can't find a YouTube for it yet. But you can bet your soggy bottom it'll be a hit soon. If you weren't there, she lit the ends of three batons until they were well ablaze (it wasn't raining at this point) and put on quite a show. And it was nice that she moved her act around the stadium.
  • About the only person who had a better night than her was AJ himself.
  • And isn't it about time the hype for AJ for Heisman began in earnest? Seriously, if 2 years ago the kid has a brain fart and chooses the chickens over the Dawgs...we lose that game easily. About the only thing he could do at this point that would surprise me is to play the tuba at halftime.
  • Even when the referees completely rob him of a second TD, he doesn't get discouraged. Just goes out does another couple of heroics.
  • As much man coverage as they put on our offense, really surprised AJ didn't have an even bigger day. The soggy conditions and what was clearly a step backwards for Cox hurt the offensive production. We should've been able to attack ASU more through the air.
  • But what hurt the offense most, was the lack of a playmaker in the running game. Bobo clearly didn't want to get to razzledazzle with the play-calling given the conditions. And ASU does have a very good d-line. But we've got to make some holes for the ball carrier. And that ball carrier has to make a play. Preferably one that ends with him handing the ball to the know, instead of to a defender.
  • Wooten the ball catcher. Awesome.
  • And it's a good thing ASU doesn't have receivers who can catch in the rain.
  • Justin Houston is obviously a force to be reckoned with.
  • The defense will take some more criticism. But once again they win the game for us.
  • Probably my biggest gripe with the defense was that most of ASUs ground yardage came from the same damn play. Poor tackling. Bad adjustments.
  • But until the offense learns to protect the effin' ball, Martinez should feel no heat. We can be critical as I was here. But the truth lies in the way in which we value possessing the football. Minus a couple of bad throws and a horrendous fumble, ASU doesn't get into the endzone last night.
  • Tackle, protect, possess a firm grasp. Key ingredients to a W.
  • Otherwise, we can expect to have more nights like the past three. Just with more Ls.
See ya tomorrow. I'm off to church, then hopefully a nap.


Alan Ashley said...

Bernie, we had a couple of rain outs for halftime. The athletic assoc doesn't want us, the redcoats, to mess up the field. I know, a joke, but it's actually welcomed. Marching on a rained and muddy field can only lead to a AFV moment. I know this from HS and marching at S Gwinnett, totally sucked and NO, we didn't make the field worse.

We will march in a drizzle, assuming the field is fine and clean. Anything heavy, etc. No go.

Bernie said...

Thanks Alan. I figured there was a precedent, but couldn't remember. It's once thing for King to fumble the ball. It's quite another for a Redcoat to fumble a sousaphone.

Obi's Sister said...

I was a Redcoat '76-'80 and I can remember at least two times we played the show from the stands due to weather.

Go Dawgs!