Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stillwater Was Due South

Just some parting shots at the road trip that deflated some optimism but was still a good time.
  • Mad props to Ann, the holder of the Sky Club card.
  • At the risk of throwing a proud sponsor of UGA Athletics under the plane, some Delta stewardesses (...or whatever) don't understand AIRPLANE MODE.
  • Kids in Wichita Wal-Marts act remarkably similar to kids in GA Wal-Marts.
  • If ever in Wichita, steer clear of the Mexican restaurant (name escapes me...) adjacent to the Wal-Mart. Some people (hillbillys namely) miss the deep end of the gene pool. I think the waitress there had a family gene pool that had been cemented over....about a century ago.
  • Crossing to the other side of the tracks, Old Town Wichita was an oasis full of cheap beer, decent music and good food.
  • When David drives I can clearly see the green light to drink.
  • Driving into Stillwater is eerily reminiscent of my one and only trip to Starkville. There's a water tower...and a stadium.
  • Funny how small gas n sips had about 238 cars parked in each of their parking lots, while the vast stadium parking lot resembled a ghost town. (...tumbleweed blows by...)
  • Something just short of a suitcase of canned beverages is almost enough to overtax a regular sized styrofoam cooler (available at your local Wal-Mart) during a trek across campus.
  • If you found Chris Bryan Saturday and were able to wrangle him in, please return him to Milledgeville's mental hospital.
  • In lieu of tailgating, most Cowboy fans prefer to walk casually into stadium with finger pistols haphazardly aimed at the clouds and "shooting" non-stop.
  • Tanner was right, OSU has a very good splitendhalftackleback. I didn't believe the media guide when it said he weighed 215 lbs.
  • Even as hospitable as the 'poke fans were, Dawg fans are still the greatest in the world.
  • T. Boone Pickens Stadium is kinda like putting an elegant evening gown on a very wealthy, yet ridiculously old wrinkly man.
  • The Orange Power chant while Sturdivant was tended to added up to classless. At the end of the game before I exited, I made sure I found the one orange fan near me who hadn't made an ass of themselves and wished her a good season.
  • Congrats to Cody the Parking Lot Attendant for coming the closest in MY STRAW POLL as to the eventual outcome of the contest. Enjoy the cowpies Cody!!
  • Nama is better at video blogging than he is at flip cup.
  • Lastly, a 24oz Fat Tire for $3.50 - - - > yup! I signed up for that at Emerson Biggins.
There's NO place like home...There's NO place like home...click click!


BulldawgJosh said...

awesome insights and videos. I love hearing about road trip atmospheres. Wish I was there, first game I missed in two years. Never again.

namaman said...

For the record, Mama Nama is the owner of the card. Ann's name is close enough to use it to get us in! Now I know she will love me more than you...

The Wrangler said...

Hey Bernie - the Wrangler here. I hate the game didn't turn out better, but I did enjoy all of the good company. I showed the video to the wife last night - she almost thought it was as funny as I did! Keep up the good work - see ya soon.

Bernie said...

BulldawgJosh - we'd blame the loss on you, except for the fact that there are SO many others.

Nama - trump card nicely played.

And The Wrangler - glad you made it home safely and not surprised that Callie enjoyed our obnoxiousness.

Sports Dawg said...

The Wrangler never lost a penny throwing contest..hum...?

The Wrangler said...

I used to be deadly accurate from great distances, but now I just prefer "directional" throwing!