Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

There's not enough nitroglycerin (or bourbon) in the world to get me through this season.

  • One more time all together: Joe's Turn, Joe's Team!!
  • This defense will be a LOT better when we decide to actually cover eligible receivers
  • A note to Ramon Broadway, the piglet DB who ran his mouth this week: you left some unmentionables on the field.
  • NotHer Dame isn't good enough to have their own radio network, much less television. Sparty shoulda won that game. Dude was wide open...ugh!
  • Bet Pete Carroll wishes he had recruited Jake Locker.
  • Can't believe we waited the entire off-season to see one of two things: Urban put up three digits on Kiffybaby or the HillBillys live up to their coach's glorious expectations. And neither happened.
  • Slurban and Kiffikins coulda at least exchanged unpleasantries at midfield to make the three.5 hours worth it...nothing!
  • Back in F'ville, ya like doin' it Dawggy Style?
  • And I'll leave you with a tweet from @dawgsonline from last night that just about sums it all up 3 games in: -7 turnover margin, double-digit penalties, can't kick off, and 2-0 in the SEC. Gonna be that kind of year.
I'll be back with more in tomorrow's meatloaf. You have a nice Sunday Reader!


Dawgmjs said...

Need a pass rush and a new scheme. And we need it prior to the end of October, or that one may be 65-64.

Bernie said...

What did you think of Cornelius Washington Matt? I think he's coming along. Houston played well, but you're right. We didn't get nearly as close to Mallett as I thought we would. I think it was Dobbs who caused the fumble and there may have been one or two other time we were able to put a hand on him.

That's HAS to change for Willie's scheme to crappy as it is.

Dawgmjs said...

Washington looked promising at times, and so did Houston, but a passrush needs tackles pushing the middle, which wasn't happening, speed on the corners, which is Ok, but not outstanding this year, and, variety. I am SO tired of seeing 3rd and 14 and we rush 3. Always! Show 3 and bring 5 every once in a while. Show 4 and bring 3. Show 4 and bring 6, bring 3 and a corner. Bring 4 and a saftey. lack of variety. It kills me. God, I miss Athens in the fall...