Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who's Complimenting Who?

Richard Samuel has played in 4 games and is averaging 4.5 yards per carry. Caleb King has played in 2 games and is averaging 5.2 yards per carry. Samuel is the physical back that slams it 'tween the tackles and has the breakaway speed that we've only had the privilege of seeing once. King has some juke to his jive and is showing no ill effects of the bad groin that slowed him in late August/early September.

LSU brings a #4 ranking to town Saturday afternoon, but these two backs should be licking their chops. John Chavis' defense has been woefully bad at stopping the run this season. Hell, those other SEC dogs in Stark'dville gained over 150 yards against them. In fact, the Tigers have yet to hold a team to under 100 yards rushing...that includes Louisiana-Lafayette.

But if the Dawgs want to continue that trend, these two featured backs are gonna need some help. Samuel and King compliment each other well, but the stats don't pile up unless there's blocking up front. And that was noticeably absent Saturday night.

Losing Sturdivant in the first game of the season hurt, again. But this O-line is deep and talented. There's no excuse for there not being gaping holes for Samuel and King to utilize. And there's no damn excuse for procedure penalties, back to back...that back us up to our own goal line.

This is largely the same defense that we gashed last season, the main difference being a new DC. But this isn't the first time Chavis has gone up against Bobo. As usual the blocking up front will determine our success. If the O-line can compliment the running game and produce some holes for these tailbacks to run through, it could be a good night for two Dawgs to tote the rock...early and often.

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Silver Dawg said...

Carrying the rock and often, coupled with Butler and Walsh, should be the difference. Dawgs win. But, close.

Sports Dawg said...

O.K. guys, we're 4 games into this 2009 gig now, and the only thing we really know about these Dawgs is that they won't quit. That has been the only constant. Now we get really serious with this SEC thing and it's the time of the season where they should start to let us see who they really are. Can we run it, can we throw it, can we kick it, can we stop it? All consistently each week. It's time to show your hand Bulldogs!

Anonymous said...

Is Washaun Ealey still hurt? Samuel goes down to easily and needs 5 yerds to get the train rolling. King shows some potential; but can we at least see Ealey in a game? I'm not saying he's another KM; but I don't see a superstar back in King or Samuel. Maybe he can hold onto the ball too.

Bernie said...

Ealey is heading for a redshirt. I saw him run out on the field Sat and I'm pretty sure he didn't have the brace on his elbow. But after four games in, I would say it takes an emergency situation to get him in the game. And CMR has gone on record that his injury set back his development.

Plus, remember that CMR and co. will NEVER put a back out there they cannot trust to block. Case in point - after missing a block in ARK, did anyone see Carlton Thomas Saturday? So even if an "emergency" arises, I think we'd see Kalvin Daniels before Ealey.

Bernie said...

Also Anon...if you haven't already, read Rex's latest post where he discusses the effectiveness of only giving the TB the ball X number of times a game.

Is the two man committee disrupting our TBs rhythm? Except for one play, I thought King ran really hard Saturday. I'd like to see him get 20-25 instead of 11.

Just sayin'.