Friday, September 25, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week four

Cocktail Party Stays, Flood Waters Finally Relent and The OBC Gets Giggety With It. Well, it's been quite a week.

Trivial Update

Q - According to Hale, who was there to give Coach Searels a hug after his O-line looked very non-aggressive in racking up the penalty yards last weekend?

ThursdaysRTrivial episode 13 was unlucky for many. And just as I thought I had my followers stumped and was about to throw out a serious hint, @namaman came through with the correct tweet. Episode 5 winner @ugaoo9 also had the correct answer while @BlakeMcCrary gets props for taking some stabs in the dark, in his words - a lot like our defense.

Whoa! Someone get Blake a press credential!

For their efforts both Nama and John will receive very used sweaty gray sweatshirts (sure it's redundant...but accurate) and a cup of Powerade.

Tailgate Predictions
  • Plenty of beer at Gordon Biersch's in downtown Tempe this weekend.
  • "Saint Simons" of AllJackCrap fame is the first to jump off the Paul Johnson bandwagon Sunday morning.
  • Bernie gets footage that's a little too raw for the next vlawg.
  • The fightin' Sabans win, but Piggy Petrino and RyanMullett keep it close. Which really pisses Saban off.
  • This is NOT the week that TeBow hurts himself playing too much tackle football (but it's coming...)
  • Iowa at Penn State...oh, who the hell cares...
  • Dawgs 42 Sun Devils 14

Studio Analysis

A get well game if I ever saw one. I know, I know. We won last week. But the defense is out of sync, off kilter. Meanwhile, the Sun Devils have an offense that puts the ick in anemic. Danny Sullivan may be a seasoned replacement for Rudy "Have ya met Rennie Curran" Carpenter (70 seconds in). But even the fans are sick of him by their third game. Justin at PitchforkNation even wonders if he might get pulled in favor of a heralded freshman.

And I would applaud that decision. A freshman signal caller getting his first significant snaps...on the road...'tween the hedges.

Thank you sir may I have another?

Sure, ASUs defense is pretty good (by PacTen standards). But we handled them last year. And if you remember, AJ had a coming out party in the desert. Which reminds me...why isn't anyone talking about the heat in GA like they did last year about the heat in AZ? Exhile goes there...before he comes here.

Gameday forecast from high of 77 and about a 70% chance of precipitation.
Gameday forecast from Bernie: IT'LL RAIN TDs, through the air, on the ground, and even one from the defense. That's right, last year I was picking this game blind practically...suggested it'd be close. This year, I'm hip to Erickson's jive.
Hey, if a rich, fat guy can make a movie crapping on capitalism and yet charge suckers honest hard-working people $12 a ticket to see it...well, there's hope for a decent pass rush against a middling team from the Pacific Ten.
Dawgs D gets well. We get to see at least a quarter and a half of what PWD coined as the Grayhound offense, some Wooten the Ball Carrier, and...Hale promises a Marlon Brown TD. But don't feel sorry for the ASU fans who traveled so far. They still have beautiful downtown Athens to enjoy.

Go Dawgs!


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