Friday, September 18, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week three

Have I ever told you Reader just how much I love BBQ?

Trivial Update

The question: According to @bulldogsblog, how "tall" are Rennie Curran's biceps?
The answer: 6-3

If you saw a car cruising along I-85 south swerve suddenly yesterday evening, that could've been @allyugadawg trying to tweet in her answer to ThursdaysRTrivial while also avoiding a Charlotte-sized pothole. Her answer came just seconds after @ClintThomason, but he was off by 1 inch. @hamptanner was obviously "chatting" with Hale during his lunch break too.

All three will get a generous gift card to Piggly Wiggly. But it's Ally who gets the prized "I'm Big on the Pig" t-shirt. Wear it well girl!

Tailgate Predictions
  • Mallett shows up sober to his first SEC sized huddle.
  • Head Piggie calls his realtor sometime Sunday morning.
  • Miami 33 GA Tech 17 (oh...whoops. That's a final.)
  • The HillBillys beat the 'turds. KiffyBaby reacts as any seven year old would.
  • Slurban writes a book this off-season about what it was like to watch a coach who can't even color between the lines drown him in his own swamp.
  • I eat my weight in pulled pork.
  • The Beavers take down the Bearcats in college football's biggest upset since Paul Johnson dressed down that O-lineman last night.
  • Dawgs 31 lil' piggies 14

Stats That Don't Matter
  • 8 wins to 3 losses all time against this breed of livestock
  • 3 wins in 3 chances at F'ville's PigHogSooouie Stadium
  • Last meeting was in Athens in 2005, a 23-20 win for the Dawgs, even with DJs injury and McFadden's adeptness at running away from child support, and DBs
  • Last trip to the Ozarks, a 20-14 Dawgs' victory in 2004

Studio Analysis

Back on the road this week. Which is a good thing for the North Campus clean up crew after last week's tailgate. If I find out even one of my (two) readers were in on that'll be facing a suspension.

On the field, this stands to go the Dawgs way if we can do these three things, listed in order of importance:
  1. protect the ball as if it was laced with benjamins
  2. pressure the great oak planted in their backfield with our Poulans gass'd up
  3. produce a 100 yard rusher, then work on producing another
Roughly half the points scored against Georgia this season have come when the Cowboys or Gamechickens started well inside our 50. We don't win this one if we continue to cough the way we have the previous two weeks.

My research staff tells me Mallett is bigger, slower and whiter than I am. My sources tell me Justin Houston is back this week (that's right Reader, you heard it here last). On yesterday's Live! Chat w/ Hale, the rockstar reported that Houston is bigger than when we last saw him at G-Day. Smart money says that he's hungrier as well. Time to pin the ears back and turn up the pressure.

Samuel looked good in Stillwater, but he had big holes to mosey through. In Athens Saturday he ran real angry...and it made me smile. This week we have another legitimate threat to spell #22 and I truly hope he's ready to assume his throne. King won't see extensive action, but enough to provide a better counter punch to SEC defenses than Thomas can.

In short order style, Georgia has more talent than Arkansas. Joe Cox's team will help him manage the game and the clock. Hopefully the third game of the season is enough time to for that talent and leadership to gel and produce a quality road win. Something Coach Richt knows a little something about.

Now...go get your pig on Reader. Go Dawgs!



MikeInValdosta said...

***The HillBillys beat the 'turds. KiffyBaby reacts as any seven year old would.**** Even with all the orange, that would be TIVO worthy!

I really, really hope we run it for 2 bills. We have got to keep our defense from being on the field so much.

Mackie said...

...nobody is whiter than you are.

(I hope the comments section isn't reserved for bloggers who actually blog every now and then)

Bernie said...

If we run for two bills I'll be so happy I'll likely not recall it at all Sunday morning. (note to self - set TiVo)

And Mack, all comments are welcome. But if you decide to call out my research staff like that you better back it up with facts. They put in minutes every week checking the validity of the crap I spew and only get paid in unproductive lottery tickets. Not every blogger can afford to take the staff to Disney...for a week

UGA NATION Blog said...

Mizz State rolled up 82 rushing yards on the piggies, I sure hope we can at least double that. With that being said, it's all up to Bobo to give the RB's a chance to pound out that kind of yardage.

Go Dawgs!

Hunker Down said...

Samuel eclipses 100 this week for sure. Chapas finally gets a screen pass and goes to the house. Ochodos makes it 4 games in a row with a TD - including the Citrus Bowl.

Mallett gets hammered early and often and we get a pick six this week and finally win a turnover margin.

Dawgs 34 - Hawgs 20

Have a great Saturday eating all that smoked Hawg!