Friday, September 11, 2009

Who's That Comin'...week two

And now...if your blood runs red and black...

Trivial Update

We've had close finishes before, but yesterday's ThursdaysRTrivial was super close. Only 16 seconds separated two winning answers. Riding a two week winning streak, @allyugadawg came in just behind @MikeInValdosta with the correct tweet. I guess that's what I get for posing an easy question: What legendary coach was the head man at both GA Yech and Clempson?

Ally says Mike had to use Google. Mike says Ally shouldn't have wasted time typing the name John. Regardless, I just hope they enjoy the free coke and hot dog as they strike a pose atop their very own, slightly used John Deere.

@namaman...I'll give ya a beer tomorrow.

And a BIG shout-out to @alanashley for pointing out that it's a little ironic that neither team has a know, despite being coached by him.

Tailgate Predictions
  • Cox starts, Gray plays and the defense finishes. Dawgs roll 24 - 7 over the lamecocks. As Mackie would say, take that to the bank!
  • Marcus Lattimore, arguably the nation's top RB prospect, visits Athens this weekend....and decides the Dawgs are worth another looksee ($). And that USC (the fake one) ain't even a half a bag of chips. (For a free look at which prospects are spending an official on us this weekend, click here.)
  • At least a half dozen nerds oversleep their first class this morning after a pretty serious bender last night. Too much Halo, Mountain Dew and DingDongs.
  • Terrelle Pryor may be a raving idiot, but on national tv he begins a Heisman campaign in earnest by beating the Trojans. Say what?!?
  • Auburn is favored by two TDs against Missy State?? Did Vegas not see last year's game? I say the teams combine for a whopping 10 points Saturday.
  • Slurban breaks a sweat...running onto the field. Then, not so much.
  • TCU proves an even more formmidable opponent for the Wahoos than...William and Mary. Really?
  • On Monday Al Groh goes luggage shopping.
  • And the under is looking good to me on the number of visor throws tomorrow night. The OBC just ain't so animated any more.

Studio Analysis

It's been a LOOOOONNG week Reader. A week full of mixed messages, confusion and suspense galore. Joe's been defensive. Bobo's accepted blame. Fabris chewed more glass.

But in this Dawg's eyes, the excitement surrounding the home opener is just as palpable. Just as electric. Perhaps more so. Tomorrow night the Dawgs will run out onto the field in the greatest stadium in college football. Don't let the QB rumors intrigue you too much. And don't let the chicken sit too long on the grill.

While we're at it, don't let directional kicks force you to skip the opening kickoff. Don't let what happened in Stillwater sway your opinion of the bite in these Dawgs. And don't let any chickens see you sitting on your hands.

Reshad was hard at work Sunday morning trying to improve and give us a turnover. It's gonna happen. You know it. I know it. Most importantly our team knows it. The mistakes made in Oklahoma are fixable.

I fixed my (crap) this week Reader. How 'bout you? It's time to let the Dawgs bark. It's time to put the red in red zone. It's time to tee it up 'tween the hedges.

If you ain't got it...I kindly ask that you not bring it. Cuz it's Saturday night in Athens.

Go Dawgs!