Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At Home in the Dome?

Weiszer of the ABH reports that Damon Evans is as yet undecided on whether or not the Dawgs would squash the bugs in the GA Dome to open the 2011 season or wait until the regularly scheduled time in late November as we all enjoy a free coke and hot dog.

A wrinkle for the iron: we're currently scheduled to open the '11 season at home against Louisville. I couldn't find a 2011 Louisville schedule, but here's our tentative slate. The biggest hurdle seems to be getting Louisville to move the matchup and/or finding a different dance partner for November 26th, 2011.

Or just walking away from the possibility.

This discussion of moving Tech's home game in the series to the GA Dome came up several years ago from some Tech sources, if memory serves. At the time, all of the Tech friends I reached (in truth, there's just one) were incensed at the idea. The thought of playing the game in the Dome where even MORE Dawg fans would scarf up abandoned and ignored Tech tickets was too much to stomach.

Must've been a Dave Braine idea. I miss that guy almost as much as Gailey.

To the issue of fan support, I would add the issue of speed. Throw away the fact that the Dawgs played the second half of last season's game as if we were ankle deep in quick sand, and the reality is that (historically) Georgia is the faster team. Tech doesn't want to play this game on the Dome's turf. Case in point - last year's Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

Regardless, Tech is at Stokan's table. Damon's seat is waiting should he choose to sit down. What're your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Other than losing a trip to Athens, it'd be a win for the Dawgs.

MikeInValdosta said...

HELL NO! At least not to open the season. I have no doubt, after watching film of the triple option all off-season, Bobo would fall in love with it (just like Man Gundy's spread) and we would end up running the damn thing have the year.

No thanks!

MikeInValdosta said...

should have been HALF not HAVE, they year

No, I haven't been drinking, yet

Bernie said...

Exhile - We definitely wouldn't lose a trip to Athens. I'm not sure if this potential game in the Dome would replace Tech's home game that season or delay it a year.

Mike - If Bobo watches film of the triple option all off-season then someone needs to tell him he's not the DC. But I get your (sober) point. : )

Anonymous said...

Bernie - You have two Tech friends ;)

George P. Burdell said...

From a Tech (yes, I'm one of the few Bdawg claims) perspective on this:

First, I hope to hell we would never consider giving up an actual home game to play at the Dome. If its not a neutral site with home and home resuming, GT should never even consider it.

Second, the Georgia Dome basically sucks as a venue to watch football, whether its pro, college or HS (seem all of them there by the way). If anyone stands up within 15 rows in front of you, your view is blocked. That, and it generally lacks any personality as a venue.

Third, I'm sure Tech and UGA season ticket holders will get screwed on the deal compared to respective seating assignments. I'm pretty damn happy with my seats and I can guarantee you that we will all be in for a downgrade, at the same price or more, than we would see in our respective stadiums. I'm fine if the option is given to buy tickets, but this one smells of "Included in your season ticket package".

Fourth, as far as how it affects the individual teams, I'm totally undecided. On the one hand, I see UGA getting an advantage by having more time to prepare for a different style of offense than you typically prepare for or see. On the other hand, UGA will likely always have more depth, and those hot shot recruits now have a lot of time to grow up before we play in November. Advantage Tech.

Overall, I'd hate to give up the tradition. The only good I could see from the Jacket perspective is if we could put Miami, who I think could be open, in that spot with a game that hopefully means something year in and year out. Otherwise, I'd rather just leave it as is.

Bernie said...

You're right Anon...I gots friends in low places....

George - pretty sure this would be a one year deal with 2012 returning to North Avenue. So I don't see this thing getting done, and you point to some good reasons why.

Thanks for stopping by. Now go cook me some ribs. If they fall off the bone I won't call DFACS on you for dressing your son like a frickin bug!