Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Barking Carefully

In the wake of Rogers Redding admitting his referee's mistake, I've begun to hear a lot of barking. Much of which I do not care for the tone of.

We haven't been told anything in the last two days that we didn't know already late Saturday evening. I just don't like travelling down the road of continuing to bark it up. It smells like sore losing.

We were screwed!!

Sure. And yet we still had the opportunity to win the game. After scoring a touchdown, AJ Green is pretty much going to be the focal point of roughly 90,000 people....give or take an ill-conceived visit to the restroom. We can't really control that.

I find it better to focus on the things we can control. Like kicking off a tee, to huddle or not to huddle (wtf??), wedge busting and tackling. As gratifying as it was to hear the head of SEC officials admit that his charges suck at what they do, it would mean so much more to me as a fan to hear even the slightest hint from our coach that our kickoff coverage lacks the coverage necessary to be called such any longer.

Even better if we admit that our special teams as a whole are not so inherent in their own name.


dean said...

Exactly what I've been telling my co-workers. They're all saying the penalty cost us the game. While I admit it hurt us our special teams cost us the game. If I'm not mistaken didn't Holliday (sp?) almost return the ensuing kickoff after we scored our fist touchdown? Not to mention the gaping lanes he had to run through on the last kickoff. Furthermore where has our punt return gone? We have become so paranoid of the fake that we're no longer aggressive on punt returns. Honestly how many teams are going to fake a punt from their own end zone? Apparently the GATA mantra doesn't apply to special teams.

Bernie said...

Warning: this is a poor example.

I know at times when I'm playing NCAA on PlayStation...the kickoffs I practically sleep through. Kinda like they're just a brief interlude between my offense and defense taking the field.

With the exception of the kicker and the punter, the special teams look like they're just going through the motions. No one's hungry for the ball.


Silver Dawg said...

Bernie, you are probably three steps ahead of me and this suggestion (imperative).

I believe with all my Hairy Heart that your next video de cult should be "on location" at the Tennessee Tech home game, focusing on a Georgia take of Rich Brooks' most recent comment on fan behavior.

Video-poll random passersby with, "Have you, as a Georgia Bulldog, ever booed, cheered, jumped up and down, or blown snot during a Georgia home game."

(I would avoid asking particulars, or follow-up questions).

Bernie said...

Excellent idea Silver. I hope you don't mind if I pass it along to my technical director as my own. He's gotten quite the big head as of late...

On a personal note, I rarely boo... but I can blow snot like a 5 star recruit. My talent level lives up to the hype.

Silver Dawg said...

The idea is yours. You own it now.

Regarding your 5 star recruit boast. I have my own.

I won a Silver Medal in the "Snot Blowing" games, "Mild Head Cold" competition, at last year's Very, Very Special Olympics in Blowing Rock, NC.